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Chad Brock - Hey Mister (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (93) on 1/15/04
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Chad Brock
Album: Yes!
Submitted by: christopher r.
January 15, 2003

Capo 3rd Fret (To Match Recording)

Intro: (Em) (D/F#) (C) (D)

He sat (Em) down next to the (D/F#) window
By the (C) TV at my (G) bar
He (C) ordered Coke and (G) whiskey
And put (Am) something in my (D) jar
And old (Em) black and white (D/F#) photograph
He hung (C) onto all his (G) life
And his (Am) story broke my (C/B) heart
He said, "She was (C) gonna be my (D) wife"

 	 He said, "Hey (G) mister, (D/F#) please take this (Em) picture (D/F#)
 	 'Cause I don't wanna (Am) miss her (C/B) any(C)more (D)
 	 Though the corners are (G) tattered and torn (D/F#)
 	 She's still the one that (Em) I adore (D/F#)
 	 Mister, please take (C) this
 	 'Cause I don't wanna (D) miss her any(Em)more" 

(D) (C) (D)

He (Em) told me how they (D/F#) met
How at first (C) sight they fell in (G) love
He didn't (C) have to say what (G) happened
The picture (Am) told me what it (D) was
Her (Em) words in blue there (D/F#) on the back
Had (C) all but been er(G)ased
By (Am) years of tears and (C/B) promises
Love (C) lost but not repl(D)aced

Repeat Chorus

I put his (Em) picture in a (D/F#) drawer
With all the (C) other ones like (C/B) her
I get a (Am) different one every (C/B) now and then
And I (C) hear the same old (D) words

Hey (G) mister, (D/F#) please take this (Em) picture (D/F#)
'Cause I don't wanna (Am) miss her..........anymore (Em) (D/F#) (C) (D) (G)
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