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Charlie Daniels - It's My Life (Chord)
Album: Simple Man (2008)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (372) on 5/11/18
Month Views: 38 | Total Views: 2,346
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It's My Life
Written by Charlie Daniels, Tommy Crain, Tax DiGregorio, Fred Edwards,
           Charlie Hayward & Don Murray
Recorded by Charlie Daniels
Album: Simple Man (1988)

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(G) |(C)(A7/C#)|(G) |(D7) |

(G) It's my life, (Am) mmh, (A#m)(G)(G/B) God was the one to give it (Am)(G#7)
(G) And I ainft (F#7) gonna (F) let no-(E)body tell me how to live it
It's my (C) song, right or (Bb7)wrong
You can tag a-(Am)long or (D7)you can stay (G)behind (Bb)(Am)(D7)

They're my (G)troubles, (Am)(A#m) don't you (G/B)let them worry you none (Am)(G#7)
'Cause when I (G) signed (F#7)on to be a (F7)man (E) I knew I was gonna have some
Like I (C)say, go or stay (Bb7) either way (Am)
You ainft (D7) gonna change (G) my life, (C) you ain't gonna change my life (G)(G7)

When Ifm (C) low down and I'm lazy and I'm ragged but I'm real
And I ainft (G) never been nobody's pride and joy
Yeah, and (A) you can (A6)take a boy (A) (A6)out of (A) the country (A6)(A)(A6)
But you (A)can't (Amaj7) take the coun-(A7)try out of the (D7)boy

(Ab)Well, (G7) it's my troubles (Am)(Bbm)
(Bm) Now don't you let them worry you none (Am)(Abm)
(G) 'Cause I signed on (F#7) to be a man, (F7)(E) I figured I was gonna have some
Like I say, (C) go or stay (Bb7) either way (Am)
You ain't gonna (D7)change (G) my life, (F#7) you ain't (F7)gonna change my (E)life

It's my (C) song, right or wrong (Bb7)
You (Am)ain't gonna (D7)change my (G) life
I said, it's (C)my life (C#)(D7)(G) - - -
You ain't gonna (D7)change - - - my (G)life - - -
(G#)Oh, - - - (G)no - - - - - 
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