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Charlie Robison - Sunset Boulevard (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (403) on 11/8/03 3 comments
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Sunset Boulevard
By Charlie Robison
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Capo 4

G  Cadd9  G  Cadd9

        G             Cadd9
Well, I wish I had my picture
G                      Cadd9
On the Rolling Stone today
G                     Cadd9
And I wish that the Enquirer
      G                          Cadd9
Would spread a roumor that I was gay
G                      Cadd9
Well I wish I had some buddies
G                    Cadd9
Some movie stars and such
G                          Cadd9
‘Cause I probably wouldn’t worry about
G                      Cadd9
About the two of us as much

C                    D
And I’d spend all my money
G    G/F#        Em
On caviar and cocaine
C                 D
And I would not remember
        C        D     G
How you broke my heart today

You know I, I wish I had a super model
So skinny and so wild
And a waitress in Nevada
She says she’s carryin’ my child
I’d drive down Sunset Boulevard
my hair blowin’ in the wind
And I’d stop at fancy restaurants
And they’d finally let me in


Yeah, I wish I had my picture
With the Rolling Stones today
And I wish the Enquirer
Spread a rumor that I was gay
I wish I knew a movie star
Someone like Charlie Sheen
‘Cause if he’d hang out with Kato Kaetlin
Well, I guess he’d hang out with me

Chorus 2:
And I’d spell all my money 
On caviar and Rogaine
And I would not remember
How you broke
My heart today
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Alternate 3rd verse, instead of "I wish I had some buddies..."

I wish I had an intern
Somebody like Monica Lewensky
Cause if she'd go down on President Clinton
I think she would go down on me

I'v heard him sing this the past few times i'v seen him
-brat6353 | 11/12/2004
this song got me into country music...thanks for posting this song means alot to me
-Dobbs8990 | 11/13/2005
great also sounds like the live version if you hammer on the A string (on the second fret) at the end of the Cadd9 as a kinda transition to G...def badass tab

-rzpark | 2/13/2006
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