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Chatham County Line - One More Minute (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (0) on 6/27/15
Month Views: 1 | Total Views: 7,463
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One More Minute
Recorded by Chatham County Line

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(G) |(G/B) |(C) |(G)(D)|

(G) I donft want to leave, (Bm) I don't want to go
But I (C)make my living a-(G)way from home (D)
(G) These hands of time, (Bm) too fast they wind
I'd (C)trade everything I own if I could (D)just find

(C) One more (D)minute, (G) one more (Bm)second (C) to spend with (D)you
(C) One more (D)minute, (G) one more (Bm)second, (C) just to hold you (G) (D)

(G) I hear the whistle blow (Bm) the idle hiss of the steam
There's (C)so little time to tell you (D)what I mean
(G) So you keep this (Bm) simple refrain and a kiss
I (C)swear on my life we won't (D)always miss (D/E)(D/F#)

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(G) |(Bm) |(C) |(G)(D)|(G) |(Bm) |(C) |(D) |

(Am) But that is (D)life and (G)love you cannot control
(Am) If I was an-(D)other man you might (G)have less to hold
(C) So I pack my (D)grip and (G) set my (Bm)chin
Knowing that (Am)feeling (Bm) (C) when I see your (D)face again (D/E) (D/F#)

Repeat Chorus x 2

(G) I hear the whistle blow, (Bm) the idle hiss of the steam
There's (C)so little time to tell you what (D)I mean ----- 
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