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Chris Janson - Better I Dont (Chord)
Submitter: brownabd (9) on 4/28/13
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Chris Janson - Better I Dont

No Capo

Intro:  C  G  F  C  (x2)

Verse 1:
C                               G
My good buddy asked me  "Buddy why don't you drink?",
             F                       C
And I said, "It's probably better I don't"
He said, "There's a lotta girls in this here bar that we could chase" 
I said "Trust me" 
It's probably better I don't 

Cuz I used to be an all nighter
I'm a hell of a back slider
           F                            C
I've been around the block more than a time or two

And I can promise you
I've drank my weight in booze
               F                                G
And I've been known to get on stage in nothing but my boots so

               C                       G
It's better I don't, cuz believe me I will
      F                       C
I get looser than a line on a fishing reel
Dare me don't do, don't think I won't
F                G
Take it all off, turn it all on
       F                      G
Get buck wild, hell bent, and stoned
              C        G F C
It's better I don't

Verse 2:
Well I was wearing the cuffs, when the warden said
"Just tell me the truth"
And I said "Sir, it's probably better I don't"
And I was up on the stand and the judge said
"Just tell me what happened man"
And I said, "Buddy it's probably better I don't but since you asked
I was mindin' my own business at a hundred and five
I was a county road cruisin'
Outrunning the blue lights
I was on the home stretch
I was roundin' that last curve
Well I ran out of gas and that's when I learned


C  G  F  C  (x2)

Now there's things I don't remember

There's things that I do
            F                       G
But I don't know the half of what I got into


Yeah it's better I don't 
C                          G F C
Yeah it's better I don't
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