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Chris Knight - Becky's Bible (Chord)
Album: A Pretty Good Guy (2001)
Submitter: lmofle (53) on 1/11/03 3 comments
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Becky's Bible
By Chris Knight

Capo 3

D                  G 
Empty beer bottles rattle on my pistol
Bm                             G
On the seat of my Chevy pickup truck
I'm taking these gravel roads
As fast as my truck will go
    Bm             A                 G
I'm running like a scared white tail buck
          D                   G 
It was an all night card game with Earl Ray and Bobby
    Bm                                G
And some old boy they work with from Adair
     D                 G
That boy didn't like me then he said I was cheating
    Bm            A                   G
And gunshots rang out on the midnight air 

        G               A
I don't want to see the daylight
       D        G
But my Becky's alone tonight
  G               A              D
I wonder if she's waiting up for me

I’m gonna hide out in the bottoms
Where I hunted deer and turkeys
I know that swamp like the back of my hand
Hell I was born and raised here
Just wanted to be a good old boy
I never thought I'd ever be a wanted man
Well soon they're gonna catch me,
Ain't no way around that
Cause I don't know any other place to hide
I wonder if Becky's bible is still in the glove box
Cause I'm sure gonna need it if that boy dies


Sometime tomorrow morning
When I ought to be fishing
They'll probably be hauling me in
I'll be sitting in the jail house
With no need to be wishing
That I'll ever get to fish the Green river again

        G                A  
I'll be praying for some daylight
         D        G
While my Becky's alone at night
  G               A              D 
I wonder if she's waiting up for me
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Hey I don't claim to be an xpert,,but this seems to sound better at capo 2. Just my thoughts. Great TAB to a great song!
-WILLIAMSTLJ530 | 3/3/2010
actually Chris plays it with no capo..... G, Cadd9, EM, D, Cadd9
-jeremyssingleton | 2/21/2011
I prefer to play this song a Whole-Step down usual CK progression: G - C9 - Em7 - D. Just have to make the transposition. Great accuracy!
-bpplouffe | 5/17/2012
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