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Chris Knight - Highway Junkie (Chord)
Album: Trailer II (2009)
Submitter: lmofle (332) on 7/15/02 3 comments
Month Views: 23 | Total Views: 11,525
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Highway Junkie
By Chris Knight

Use drop D tuning on this allows for the intro to be played

A hundred cups of coffee, five hundred cigarettes

A thousand miles of highway and I ainít forgot her yet
              G                                D
But I keep on moviní, I keep movin on down the line

Ainít nothin in my rear view just a cloud of dust and smoke
What do you expect when some old truckerís heart gets broke
Yeah old truckersí hearts get broke

Those big wheels of rubber gonna rub her off-a my mind
G                                          D 
Iím a highway junkie I need that old white line

Ten miles out Nashville doin bout 91
State boy pulled me over said whereís the fire son
He said whereís the fire son
I said there ainít no fire Iím just runnin from a flame
Go on and write your ticket but I ainít the one to blame
That county judge tried to rob me blind


So I rolled on into Memphis, I got nothin left to lose
Wanted to hear some rock Ďn roll but all they played was blues
Didnít want to hear no blues
So I tried to call up Elvis but Roger Miller grabbed the phone
He said ďDrive them eighteen wheelers, boy, youíre the king of the roadĒ
Youíre the king of the road

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anybody know how to play the intro?
-brewsky095 | 2/12/2004
Try looking at Train Outta Jackson Tab by Paul Lindsey. Listen to the audio clip, very similar sounding riffs, would get you close.
-flying2bill | 4/23/2011
Or go to my version (Paul & I co-wrote this one) - I have a sound byte you can listen to on the page...

-lmofle | 4/23/2011
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