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Chris Knight - If I Were You (finger Picking) (Tab)
Album: The Trailer Tapes (2007)
Submitter: DaveWH (3) on 6/30/03 3 comments
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If I were You

by Chris Knight

Picking pattern

G - 320033
C - x32010
D - xx0232

t = thumb   i = index
the middle finger can also be used on the treble E 
instead of the index finger if you prefer using 3
fingers for picking.

This is a very basic tab of the way Chris is playing.
He occasionally varies and in the recording I am working
off of, his voice can drowned out the guitar, so its 
difficult to hear sometimes.
This should give an idea of the style of picking he is using.
I tried to indicate the rythym above the tab.

capo 5

  1    2    3 &   4 &
            ___   ___
  |    |    | |   | |
  t    t    t i   t i


Here's the G to C transition

 C                           D
        1    2 &   3 &   4    1    2 &   3 &   4
             ___   ___             ___   ___
        |    | |   | |   |    |    | |   | |   |
  t  t  t    t i   t i   t

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I'm actually positive that this song (on Trailor Tapes 1 anyways) is recorded in Standard (kind of flat though) With chords D, G, A

I don't think Chris Knights owns a tuner.... Which is awesome!
-mn62049 | 11/14/2012
Its possible that my mp3 of the song is different than what you've heard. When I tabbed this I ended up with a capo on the fifth fret to get to the chord progression I used. Your chord progression is the same as mine, just in a different key (if thats the right term : me = almost musically illiterate.) Time permiting, I would like to get another mp3 of this and try and tab a more complete version. Other things have taken me away from guitar playing. I really need (and want) to get back to it. Thanks for commenting.

Dave H
-DaveWH | 11/14/2012
Just checked on iTunes. I definitely used a different recording than the one you mentioned. I tabbed this in 2003. My mp3 came from the album "A Pretty Good Guy" from 2001. The clip I listened to of "The Trailer Tapes" is lower in pitch (probably not capoed) and it didn't sound finger picked like I tabbed.
-DaveWH | 11/14/2012
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