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Chris Knight - Me And This Road (Chord)
Album: The Jealous Kind (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (332) on 10/11/03 3 comments
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Me And This Road
By Chris Knight
Written by Chris Knight
CD  The Jealous Kind

Capo 1

       G                D/F#            Em                Cadd9
An old county road runs by my house and ends on the river bank 
    G       D/F#           Cadd9 
In '73 they shut the ferry down 
G                          D/F#                      Em                      Cadd9
Back up the road there's a church and a store with a bench full of lying old men 
       G                D/F#             Cadd9
In the middle of a wide spot they call a town 

I'm just a young man living to make me old plowing these fields by the river road 
Where hopes dreams and my granddaddy lived and died 
They go as far as my eyes can see but they ain't far enough for me 
When I drive to the river and I look at the other side 

            G   Cadd9           G      Cadd9
Me and this road, we ain't been nowhere 
            G   Cadd9       D           
As far as I know this whole world's just a county fair 
    Cadd9               D              Em             Cadd9 
But somewhere there's a bridge that'll take us out of here 
G               D/F#              Cadd9
Free as a river flows me and this road 

We'll find a long stretch of blacktop where there ain't no dead-end signs 
And leave these fences fields and farms behind 
There's a bigger town on a bigger road fame and fortune I've been told 
And across that river we'll search 'til i find mine 



Well I shook my father's hand now I'm off to find the promised land 
And I hope I bring him back a little gold 
You know his dream was the same as mine but it got lost somewhere in time 
In a dusty field along that river road 

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
AWSOME!! good work i've seen a lot of tab for this song but this one suprised me keep it up

-shalaes4ever | 9/3/2004
what a great song! good tab bro!
-shooterjennings | 11/3/2005

-shooterjennings | 11/3/2005
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