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Chris Knight - Oil Patch Town (Chord)
Album: The Jealous Kind (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (358) on 7/19/02 3 comments
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 Chris Knight 
 Oil Patch Town 
 Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
 rmofle at 
 G          D             Em           C 
 We got six bucks, that’s enough for a beer run 
 G          D           Em            C 
 Now all we need is someone to do the buyin’ 
 G        D                 Em           C 
 My Buddy Lyndall, he ain't never got no money 
        G         D               Em     C      
 But he drinks up most of the beer every time 
 By nine o'clock, got a half a case between us 
 Pull into the KWIK pik, Lyndall had to have some smokes 
 There sits Susie in Billy Scott's Camaro, 
 Lyndall gives her a wink, Billy says, "You want your neck broke" 
 Pre-Chorus 1: 
 They're about to go toe to toe 
 But here come a cop car 
 Lyndall says, "The cemetery, Bill 
       C               D 
 We'll see how bad you are" 
         G      C     Em    D 
 Another Friday night 
         G         C    C   G   D 
 in this oil patch town  
          G           C      Em   D 
 Keep the beer out of sight 
                G             C       C   G  D 
 When the state troopers come around 
 Now we ain't looking for trouble 
 But wouldn't mind a fight 
 What else you gonna do 
             C     D      G 
 It's just another Friday night 
 Billy says, "Let's get it on", and Lyndall just slugs him 
 And that's about all the fighting that got done 
 Sheriff pulls up, he says, "What you Hoodlums doing" 
 "Awe nothing much Junior, we're just trying to have some fun" 
 Pre-Chorus 2: 
 He's acting tough and taking names 
 And shutting us down 
 But at least we've got something 
 To talk about 
 When Monday rolls around 
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anybody know the lead parts

-mike5367 | 9/13/2005
anyway i could get some help on the strum pattern? cant quite get it down

-jgeiman | 8/11/2009
This song is on A Pretty Good Guy CD not The Jealous Kind CD
-travis77 | 12/10/2017
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