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Chris LeDoux - Cowboy Up (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (41) on 3/13/05 7 comments
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Cowboy Up 
By Chris Ledoux
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

A                            E
Ramblin' fever took him when he was 21
          A                     B
Tonight's rodeo is over but the fight has just begun
       A                             E                 A
He was pounded into the ground while chasin' after his dream
    D                                B
But he ain't one for layin' down and livin' in misery

You gotta' cowboy up, dust yourself off
    E                           A        B 
Get back in the saddle, give it one more try
Sweat and blood, it takes all you got
         E                   A         B
Cuz' the road to heaven is a hell of a ride
The tough get goin' when the goin' gets rough
Cuz' they know they got to cowboy up

He stopped off at a road side bar
To have him a beer or two
He was leanin' on the juke box
When he saw her across the room
He asked her for a dance
              E                     A
Cuz' he had a case of love at first sight
But he didn't take it personal
When she said you're not my type


Solo - Hey

From business suits to cowboy boots 
It hurts when you get thrown
But if you're gonna' be the best
Well you got to get back on


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
your tabs may be right but your artist is wrong Chris Ledoux did not sing this version of Cowboy Up. This version was performed by Ryan Reynolds.
-fortuneandglory | 3/13/2005
oh well its close enough and its still a
good song
-tay39 | 3/15/2005
That's funny - the mp3 I listen to sure sounds like him but it could
be wrong. And how do you know what version I have? You haven't heard
-lmofle | 3/15/2005
The MP3 I have is definately his voice singing this version. Great job by the way, couldn't find this one anywhere!!
-cowboyflyfisher | 3/16/2005
Thanks for doing this tab. As I was strumming along with the recording, I noticed the 2nd line of the chorus went E G A, not E A B

Get back in the saddle, give it one more try

I made a submission of my take on it and credited you before I saw how to make a comment. Thanks again.

-mblizman | 6/10/2005
I will check it - I will probably delete yours, even if it's correct,
only because we want to only have 1 version on the site of a song if
possible. Using the comments section, I always check when people tell
me they hear something different and if it is wrong, I would change
it - this way there's not 10 tabs with minor corrections like there
are on some of the other artists...

-lmofle | 6/10/2005
i dont know what that guy is talking about it is chris ledoux who sings this song ... i have the cd that he sings it on ... good tab
-timmcgrawjr | 6/11/2005
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