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Chris LeDoux - Night Rider's Lament (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (411) on 5/13/09
Month Views: 142 | Total Views: 26,976
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Night Rider's Lament
Recorded by Chris LeDoux

Time: 6/8

Intro.:  (C) --- | (F) (G) | (C)  | (F) (G) | (C)  | (F) (G) |
         | 3/8 (C) | 6/8 (F) (G) | (Am) (F) | (G)  | (C)  | (C) ---

While (C)I was out a (F)ridin' the (C)grave yard shift midnight till (G)dawn
The (F)moon was as bright as a (C)readin' light for a (G)letter from an old friend back (C)home

And he asked me
(F)Why do you (G)ride for your (C)money, (F)why do you (G)rope for short (C)pay
You ain't (F)gettin' no-(G)where and you're (C)losin' (E)your (F)share (C)  (F)
Boy, you (G)must have gone crazy out (C)there

He aid (C)last night he run in to (F)Jenny, she's (C)married and has a good (G)life
Boy, you (F)sure missed the track when you (C)never come back, she's the (G)perfect professional's (C)wife

And she asked him
(F)Why does he (G)ride for his (C)money, and (F)why does he (G)rope for short (C)pay
He ain't (F)gettin' no-(G)where and he's (C)losin' his (F)share (C)  (F)
Well, he (G)must've gone crazy out (C)there

But they ain't (F)never (G)seen the (C)Northern Lights, they ain't (F)never seen a (G)hawk on the (C)wing
They've (F)never seen (G)spring on the (C)Great Di-(F)vide (C)  (F)
They've (G)never heard ole camp cookie (C)sing

Inst.:  | (C)  | (F) (G) | (C)  | (F) (G) | (C)  | (F) (G) |
        | 3/8 (C) | 6/8 (F) (G) | (Am) (F) | (G)  | (C)  | (C) ---

Well, I (C)read up the last of my (F)letter, (C)tore off the stamp for black (G)Jim
When (F)Billie came up to re-(C)lieve me, he just (G)looked at my letter and (C)grinned

He said you know I wonder
(F)Why do they (G)ride for their (C)money, and (F)why do they (G)rope for short (C)pay
They ain't (F)gettin' no-(G)where and they're (C)loosin' their (F)share (C)  (F)
Son, they (G)all must be crazy back (C)there

'Cause they ain't (F)never (G)seen the (C)Northern Lights, they've (F)never seen a (G)hawk on the (C)wing
They've (F)never seen (G)spring hit the (C)Great Di-(F)vide (C)  (F)
They've (Dm)never heard ole (G)camp cookie (C)sing

Outro.:  | (C)  | (F) (G) | (C)  | (F) (G) | (C) --- fade
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