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Chris LeDoux - Photo Finish (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (3) on 4/19/09 1 comment
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Photo Finish
Recorded by Chris Ledoux
Album : Rodeo Songs "Old & New"

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  --- (G)  x 4

At (G)seven this (C)mornin' I (G)got on the phone
and (C)said to hold my bronc (D)as long as you (G)can
My (G)car broke down in (C)Billings and they (G)just got it put together
I'll be (C)photo finishin' (D)into ole (G)Cheyenne.

Well (G)here I am in (C)Sheridan and it's (G)nine o'clock
in the (C)mornin' and (D)time's a going (G)fast
I (G)just pulled 'er (C)over had some (G)coffee and a doughnut
And I (C)bought the car a (D)brand new tank of (G)gas

Well, I (D)don't know if I'm gonna make it's (C)nine fif-(G)teen
I'll be (C)lucky, if I (D)ever get (G)there
By (D)God now what's that I hear, (C)is it a si-(G)ren
Sure e-(C)nough he (D)got me on his (G)radar

He (G)pulled up be-(C)hind me and turned (G)on those flashin' lights
A (C)sign that I (D)knew meant to pull 'er (G)over
So I (G)stomped on my (C)brakes and as (G)skidded to a halt
I wiped out (C)three reflector (D)posts along the (G)shoulder

He (G)got out of his (C)car and was a (G)walkin' real slow
So I (C)jumped out and (D)met him half-(G)way
He (G)jerked out his (C)gun and said, (G)"Mister are you crazy?
I ain't (C)never seen no-(D)body drive that (G)way"

I (D)told him take it easy and he could (C)put up that (G)cannon
The way he's (C)shakin', it (D)just might go (G)off
He (D)put up the gun as I ex-(C)plained my situ-(G)ation
He (C)listened to my (D)story, then he (G)coughed

Inst.:   (A)   x 4

He (A)wrote me out a (D)ticket that (A)seemed to take forever
I (D)took it as I (E)headed for my (A)car.
That (A)cop, he hollered (D)after me and (A)said, "Hey, cowboy
You better (D)slow down, 'cause you (E)can't outrun this (A)radar"

As I (A)rolled on down the (D)road I was a (A)cursin' and a swearin'
about the (D)ticket that (E)I had just ac-(A)quired
I (A)wondered if I (D)oughtta pay it or (A)throw it out the window
But I (D)might just set the (E)damn thing a-(A)fire.

So I (E)gunned it once again and was a (D)travelin' down the (A)road
with the (D)gas pedal (E)mashed to the (A)floor
When I (E)came around a curve and (D)right there in the (A)highway
There's (D)more damn sheep than I've (E)ever seen be-(A)fore

I'm (A)going too fast to (D)ever stop, so I (A)just close my eyes
as the (D)car (E)rolls on through the (A)herd
When I (A)open up my (D)eyes again there's a (A)sheep on the fender
And that (D)herders saying some (E)mighty awful (A)words

The (A)sweats a drippin' (D)off my hands as I (A)barrel through ole Wheatland
I'm a (D)nervous wreck and (E)I must be a (A)sight
The (A)flies inside (D)this ole car are (A)buzzin' all around me
Guess my (D)twenty-four hour de-(E)odorant quit last (A)night.

(E)Sixty, fifty, forty, thirty,(D) twenty miles (A)more
The rodeo (D)starts in an-(E)other eighteen (A)minutes
I (E)pull in through the main gates I (D)hear the anthem (A)playin'
I can't be-(D)lieveit, thank (E)God I finally (A)made it

Inst.:  (Bb)   x 4

There's (Bb)only one more (Eb)obstacle that's (Bb)standin' in my way
It's a (Eb)nitwit (F) with a weekend (Bb)badge
He's (Bb)standin' by the (Eb)gate and as I (Bb)slide her to a halt
He says, (Eb)"Where, in the hell, you (F)goin' so dog gone (Bb)fast?"

I (Bb)tell him, "I'm (Eb)entered, I (Bb)ain't got time to talk
My (Eb)horse is in the (F)chute and I'm (Bb)late"
He (Bb)says I need to (Eb)get a pass (Bb)from the secretary
My (Eb)eyes get red, my (F)heart fills up with (Bb)hate

I (F)yelled, "You dirty so and so you (Eb)better let me (Bb)through"
He (Eb)asked if I'd re-(F)peat that once a-(Bb)gain
So I (F)whacked him in the mouth and I (Eb)left him lyin' (Bb)there
on his (Eb)back (F)kickin' in the (Bb)sand

I (Bb)got there just in (Eb)time to see my (Bb)bronc come runnin' out
His (Eb)head and tail was (F)held way up (Bb)high
I (Bb)swear he looked right (Eb)straight at me and (Bb)grinned and gave a horse laugh
And (Eb)me, I just (F)stood there and (Bb)cried

I (Bb)turned around feelin' (Eb)helpless and (Bb)purely dumbfounded
I (Eb)looked and (F)what did I (Bb)see
(Bb)Three highway pa-(Eb)trolmen and a (Bb)gateman with a fat lip
And (Eb)they were all a (F)lookin' back at (Bb)me

(F)Sittin' in the cell now, I've (Eb)done a lot of (Bb)thinkin'
about that (Eb)wild ride I (F)made a month a-(Bb)go
I'm (F)sorry that I'm in this (Eb)rotten situ-(Bb)ation
If I could (Eb)do it again I (F)wouldn't have drove so (Bb)slow
If I could (Eb)do it again I (F)wouldn't have drove so (Bb)slow 
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Thanks for adding this song. Chris LeDoux is one of those guys where I love every song he ever sang.
-tpmadden | 4/20/2009
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