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Chris Young - Don't Leave Her (if You Can't Let Her Go) (Chord)
Album: Neon (2011)
Submitter: lmofle (407) on 7/29/11 2 comments
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Don't Leave Her (If You Can't Let Her Go)
By Chris Young
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Capo 2

E                              A
You say you and her are really over
            E                           A
Don't wanna make up just to fall apart again
E                                A
You say you want off this roller coaster
      F#m                    B
Well, friend, let me ask you this

Chorus 1:
E       A
Can you stand to see her dancin' in somebody else's arms
Do you think that you'll go crazy every time you see her car
If you can't scroll by her number, not dial it on your phone
            F#m             A
Well that's all you need to know
A              B                     E 
Don't leave her if you can't let her go

I ain't saying you ain't got good reason
For wanting to take a match to everything
But before you set your mind on leavin'
You really oughta stop and think

Chorus 2:
Can you run across her picture and not wonder where she is?
Can you catch the scent of her perfume and not think about her kiss?
If you can't stop dreamin' 'bout her when you're sleepin' all alone
Well that's all you need to know
Don't leave her

C#m                    F#m 
Swallow your pride and turn this thing around
Cause this here is a road
You don't wanna go down

Chorus 1 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
chords are right just with a CAPO on 2nd fret. i just didnt see it in top. good tab
-tmann383 | 8/26/2011
you were correct sir - I inadvertently left it off...when I do alot of tabs in a row, sometimes I forget I am moving the capo...
-lmofle | 8/27/2011
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