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Cledus T Judd - How Do You Milk A Cow (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (64) on 5/1/05
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How Do You Milk a Cow--Cledus T. Judd
parody of "How Do You Like Me Now" by Keith/Cannon
new lyrics by Judd/Clark
from the album "Just Another Day In Parodies"
tabbed 5/1/05
I got the original chords from matellmon's tab; I changed them a bit, however, 
so any corrections on the chords/lyrics are welcome.

INTRO ("Farmer In The Dell"): C  F  C  G7  F  C

MAIN RIFF:  C   F (4x)

Yeah I was always a lazy one, a southern Californian
    F                             C
But I've got some kinfolk on the Mason-Dixon Line
So this summer just for fun, hopped in my Delorian
      F                    C
And headed for my uncle's farm for a short time
I thought that I would be huntin' and fishin'
C                       F
I misunderstood him somehow
So far there's nothin' but chores here to mention
    C                       G   N/C                G
I didn't mind feedin' the sows, but how to milk a cow

                  C                    F
How do you milk a cow, I wonder every day
                         G                     C
This cow must think I'm crazy up under it this way
                   F                                      C
I'm sittin' here a-pullin' but there ain't nothin' comin' out
              G                    C
Oh me-i-ee-i-oh, how do you milk a cow

Yeah I love it here in Tennessee but these farmers all make fun of me
Can't haul much hay in a tiny sports car
So I got myself a 4-wheel drive learned to spotlight view at night
And I got shearin' sheep right down to an R
One thing's for sure, I hate shovelin' manure
It gets all over my overalls
Them horses need shoein', I hear Bessy mooin'
So I thought maybe I'd ask you all, how do you milk a cow


How do you milk a cow, I think it's safe to say
A man could get arrested for this in LA
This heffer must be empty, 'cause she ain't puttin' out
Oh me-i-ee-i-oh, tell me how do you milk a cow

SOLO (This song is absolutely an utter disaster; I hope I don't get mad-cow disease)


How do you milk a cow, I know longer care
I'm gettin' sick and tired of smellin' derierre
I'm headin' back back to Cali and I'm turnin' in my plow
Oh me-i-ee-i-oh, how do you milk a cow
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