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Cledus T Judd - More Beaver (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (105) on 12/30/04
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Cledus T. Judd
Album: Just Another Day In Parodies
2000, Monument Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
4:14 AM 12/30/2004

Intro: (C)  (G)  (G)  (C)

(C) I've been known to lay here
And watch TV all night
Flippin through the channels
But can't find the thing I (G) like
What happened to my favorite shows
Where they went I'd like to know
But right now what I need most in my life's

  More (F) Beaver
  Wally, Ward, and June
  Them there (C) Cleavers 
  Nothin' else'll do
  (G) Seinfeld's awful funny
  Home Improvement's kind of cool
  But what I'd really like to see
  On my TV's
  More (C) Beaver

Now (C) Nick At Nite done brought them good ol' shows back from the past
My Three Sons and Happy Days are here again at (G) last
Them Technicolor, black and whites
'I Dream Of Genie' day and night
The only thing that I like more than M*A*S*H is

  More (F) Beaver
  See him and Wally fight
  "Why (C) hello Mrs. Cleaver..."
  Eddie Haskell's so polite
  (G) I've seen every episode
  A hundred times or more I know,
  One thing you can't get too much of in (N.C.) life's

  More (F) Beaver
  That never hurt no one,
  I've been (C) watchin'
  Ever since that I was young.
  Now (G) each night when I go to bed
  I turn on the TV instead.
  My wife will tell you just how much I love
  More (F) Beaver


  More (F) beaver
  Y'all thought that I was done
  Gonna keep on (C) singing
  I'm having too much fun
  This (G) here is just a silly song
  And I hope that y'all don't take it wrong
  Do you think I'm ever gonna get me (N.C.) some???

  Me Neither... 
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