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Clint Black - Bob Away My Blues (Chord)
Album: D'Lectrified (1999)
Submitter: WildCard76 (108) on 11/28/05 1 comment
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Clint Black
Album: D'lectrified
Submitted by: Christopher R.
6:10 AM 11/28/2005

Intro: (G6)  (F#6)  (F6)  (E6)  (E6)  (A9)   (E6)  (A9)

Well I'm goin' (E6) down to the ri(C#7)ver
I've got a (F#9) canepole (A/B) in my (E6) hand
I've got my (C#7) redworms in a (F#9) Maxwell house coffee (B7) can
I'm gonna (E7) sit under a (G#7) shade tree
On a (A) riverbank where it's (D9) cool
I'm gonna (E6) close my eyes and (C#7) dream
And let the (F#9) cork Bob aw(B7)ay my (E6) blues

Well I (E) wake up every (C#7) mornin'
I pick (Amaj7) peaches all (D9) day
And on (E6) Saturday night we'll (C#7) 
Have a dance or (F#9) two we might waller in the (B7) hay (C7) (B7)
Now the (E) only thing that ever (C#7) whipped my pa
Was this (Amaj7) bad dude called old (D9) age
And his (E6) last years was his (C#7) best years
And (F#9) this is what he (B7) had to (E7) say

(C5) (B5) (E7)

He said (A9) boy I've worked this dirt 
(D9) All my life but (E7) things ain't been good for awhile
Why don't you (F#9) move to the city
Make a little money you might be the (B7)  first one in
The (C7)  family ever to (B7) die with a smile

Well I (E6) took his advice (C#7) things goin' well
But my (A) friends are far and (D9) few
But who(E7)ever said a (C#7) city boy can't (F#9) have the country (B7) blues
Who(E7)ever said a (C#7) city boy can't (F#9) have the country (B7) blues
Who(E7)ever said a (C#7) city boy can't (F#9) have the country (B7) blues

Well (C7) honey they ain't (B7) talked to me and you

(G6) (F#6) (F6) (Emaj7) (Gmaj7) (F#maj7) (Fmaj7) (Emaj7)
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This is excellent. The Clint Black version of this Marshall Tucker song is what made me want to learn it. These chords work well and are much easier to learn and play than the Marshall Tucker version I have found. Thanks.
-sradie | 5/27/2014
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