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Clint Black - Loving Blind (Chord)
Album: Put Yourself in My Shoes (1999)
Submitter: WildCard76 (121) on 9/12/08 1 comment
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Clint Black
Album: Put Yourself In My Shoes
Submitted by: christopher r.
5:07 PM 9/12/2008

Intro: (E9) (Am) (E9) (Am)

Well I (E) sit here all alone
No one's (Asus2) gonna do me wrong to(E)night (Am)
It seems I've (E) been through it all
And there's (Asus2) no one I could call to get it (E) right (Am)
And every(E)where I go
Every(E7)one seems so settled (Asus2) in
And sure of where they're (C#m) going
Well I don't (A) know what I need
Since (B7) I've been freed
I'm a (C#m) horse without a rider (B)
(A) And there's no one (B) left to take the (E) lead (Am) 

  (A) I've been loving (E) blind
  (A) Loving every heart I could call (E) mine (A)
  I've been loving (E) blind
  So (A) sure there was something I could (E) find (A)
  But I just couldn't see
  There was (B) nothing there for (E9) me (Am) (E9) (Am)

Now there's a smile on my face
No there's no trace of the pain
I know I've been through it all
And I know those tears won't fall again
But oh the times I thought
Someone's heart I'd caught
Well, I was fooled oh and I regret
I was so naive
Oh and I'd believe them when they'd tell me
That's as good as love can get

Repeat Chorus Twice 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Chris - how in the world had this song never been tabbed!? Great one...

-lmofle | 9/12/2008
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