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Clint Black - My Imagination (Chord)
Album: Spend My Time (2004)
Submitter: WildCard76 (108) on 7/20/04 1 comment
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Clint Black
Album: Spend My Time
2004, Equity Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
5:14 AM 7/20/2004

Capo 4th Fret

Intro: (D5) (A) (Bm) (D) (G) (D/F#) (Em) (Asus) (A)

(D5) Standing (A) there with her (Bm) arms around (D) no one
(G) No one who'd (D/F#) die for her (Em) right where he (Asus) stands (A)
(D5) Looking ar(A)ound like she's (Bm) looking for (D) someone
(C) Looking like she's got (G) time on her (D) hands

(D5) Funny how (A) much you can (Bm) see in (D) someone
(G) Across the (D/F#) room who you (Em) don't even (Asus) know (A)
(D5) Telling you (A) things she would (Bm) tell to no (D) one
(C) Taking you places she's (G) wanted to (D) go

  (D/F#) Like a (G) walk in the (A) rain, a (Bm) place in the (Bm/A) sun
  With a (Em) lifetime of (A) love that has (D) only begun (D/F#)
  Doing (G) all of the (A) things only (D) lovers can (Bm) do
  (Em) My imagin(A)ation is running away with (D) you 

(A) (Bm) (D) (G) (D/F#) (Em) (Asus) (A)

(D5) Walking a(A)way and I'm (Bm) walking be(D)side her
(G) Into for(D/F#)ever (Em) here in my (Asus) mind (A)
(D5) Dreaming a (A) dream that we're (Bm) dreaming to(D)gether
(C) Finding the things only (G) lovers can (D) find

  (D/F#) Like a (G) walk on the (A) moon, a (Bm) dance in the (Bm/A) stars
  With a (Em) love light that (A) finds us wher(D)ever we are (D/F#)
  And our (G) own happy (A) ending will al(D)ways come (Bm) true
  (Em) My imagin(A)ation is running away with (D) you

As (G) fast as I can running (D) straight to your (Bm) heart
Where the (G) fantasy ends and reality (D) starts (D/F#)
'Til (G) I stop believing that (A) dreaming is (A*) all I can (Bm) do (E7)
And the (G) fantasy might even come (D) true 
(Em) My imagin(A)ation, 
It's only (Em) my imagin(A)ation running away (D) with you 

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awesome job! i played it and it sounds perfect. thanks bunches!
-lilgeetar | 11/21/2004
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