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Cody Canada & The Departed - Skyline Radio (Chord)
Album: This Is Indian Land (2011)
Submitter: deters16 (1) on 3/23/11 2 comments
Month Views: 29 | Total Views: 21,677
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Skyline radio as performed by Cody Canada and the Departed
Song written by - Tom Skinner

Chords Used

C5 	 C5maj9         F5 	       F5maj9  	  	D5 	G5   
X 	 X 	  	 X 	  	 X 	  	 X 	 3
X 	 X 	  	 X 	  	 X 	  	 X 	 3
5 	 4 	  	 10 	  	 10 	  	 7 	 0
5 	 5 	  	 10 	  	 10 	  	 7 	 0
3 	 3 	  	 8 	  	 7 	  	 5 	 X
X 	 X 	  	 X 	  	 X 	  	 X 	 3

    C5                   C5maj9
I called up lucky on the telephone
F5        F5maj9           D5
asked old lucky whats been going on
C5                D5                      G5
got a mess of the blues that you wouldn't believe
 C5                    C5maj9
seems like everytime i turn around
F5-F5maj9            D5
somebody's trying to knock me down
C5             D5               G5
dont have any tricks left up my sleeve
C5                D5
I said lucky that ain't nothin new
F                     G
iv'e been having me a hard time to
C5                 D5
i know what you're going through
           F            G
and it's a mighty heavy load
C5                      D5
can't help but think of one fine day
F                   G
this stone is gonna roll away
C5                       D5
you'll be a song writing hemingway
              F               G         C5
and we'll be listening to the skyline radio

This is way to small of a town
to be able to keep any secrets down
everybody knows your business before you do
won't believe some of the things i hear
about some of the fine folks that live around hear
everything from wife swappin', drug rings, and practicing voodoo

Grab your hat, get in line
hurry up don't you waste no time
step on over right this way 
if you want to see the show
we'll help you out fix you up
mend your fence and fill your cup
don't need nothing till you check your local listings
for the skyline radio

Just this morning heard the president say
he came up with a plan thats gonna save the day
but it was hung up in commitee up on capitol hill
different singer but the song is the same
he knows right where to lay that blame
always been that way and its that way still

Traffic fines, zodiak signs
everybody's dialing up the psychic line
profit maximozation is the ultimate goal dont you know
food stamps, prison camps
girls get away with murder due to menstral cramps
instant gratification of remote control
and the skyline radio

Someday i'm gonna take that ride
i wanna have you darlin' by my side
you be bonnie and i'll be clyde
with no particular place to go
we hit the key and let the motor run
talk about it in the morning sun
be the best thing we ever done, you and me,
and the skyline radio 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Any chance someone could simplify this a little?
-Marlmucker | 7/15/2011
^ I second that. Freaking awesome song but I dont know if I can pull it off with these chords
-adamfuchs | 9/4/2014
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