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Cody Johnson Band - Doubt Me Now (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (54) on 2/20/19
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Doubt Me Now
By Cody Johnson Band
Written by Casey Beathard and Mitch Oglesby
CD: Ain't Nothin' to It (2019)
Tabbed by Larry Mofle

Tune down 1/2 step and in Drop D tuning

D                                                   G
People like you got nothin' better to do than throw rocks at things that shine
          D                                           G
Well, you oughta be chasin' your own dreams 'stead of shootin' holes in mine
      D                                                       G
Then again, keep it comin', keep your big mouth runnin, 'keep kickin' me while I'm down
           D                         A                    D
Hop on the bandwagon, man, while you can, better doubt me now

                   D                                         G
Keep buildin' that chip up on my shoulder, keep feedin' that monkey on my back
                D                                      A
I can feel your hot air blowin' in colder stokin' this fire up under my ass
       D                                             G
Got me livin' for the day, gonna see my face, big as life and laughin' out loud
       D              A                       D
Lovin' all you haters beggin' you to doubt me now

       D                                          G
Like a walk-on quarterback, a wannabe Cadillac, a backup to the third string
    D                                         A 
I'm outside the box, ain't got no shot at the bullseye or the brass ring
        D                                               G 
Yeah, I heard it all, bet you thought I'd crawl under a rock and never wanna come out
         D                       A                  D 
But I'll never let you give me a reason to doubt me now



Yeah, I love all you haters
Come on and doubt me now
Try and doubt me now
Hop on the bandwagon 
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