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Cody Johnson Band - Kiss Goodbye (Chord)
Album: Gotta Be Me (2016)
Submitter: lmofle (421) on 8/21/16
Month Views: 63 | Total Views: 21,626
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Kiss Goodbye
By Cody Johnson Band
Written by Cody Johnson & Dan Couch
CD: Gotta Be Me (2016)
Tabbed by Larry Mofle

Requested by: BKendall36 on 8/16/2016

Capo 3 (you can also Capo 1 and swap Em=F#m, C=D, G=A, D=E)

Em                                             C 
As I slide the key in the ignition of this ol' truck and fire it up
           G                                        D 
I'm struck hard by the heaviness of this situation
            Em                                                        C
My eyes are fixed on the small silver half heart keychain you gave me dangling in the dashboard light
  G                                                    D  
I read the word "forever" over and over again, I wanna cry

Em                       C
I turn off my radio as I turn off your county road
   G                                  D/F# 
to pick you up just like I've done at least a thousand times
    Em                             C
the gravel underneath these tires, half mile stretch of ol barbed wire,
G                                         D
drops of rain fallin from the sky seem to know my pain, Know that I'm about to

Em                                   C
Reach out to hold your hand in mine, feel your love baby one more time
G                                             D/F#
Press against your lips and hold you tight, I know the next kiss is a kiss goodbye
Em                                  C 
I could put it off for another day, act like everything's gonna be okay
           G                                D                                Em
It's gonna break my heart to see you cry, I know the next kiss is a kiss goodbye

See it's not that what I got to do is more important than you,
It's just what I gotta do and I know you don't understand, hell I don't understand myself

As I pull up to your house, I feel my head spinnin' around 
just thinkin' about how everything is about to change
every step I take towards your door I'm a little less certain than the step before
oh but I know, I know, I know what I gotta do



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