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Collin Raye - She's With Me (Chord)
Album: Never Going Back (2009)
Submitter: lmofle (41) on 11/11/16 1 comment
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She's With Me
By Collin Raye
Written by Collin Raye
CD: Never Going Back (2009)
Tabbed by Larry Mofle

           D  D/C#     D/B             D/A        G    A
She's with me, I proudly tell the maitre de as we arrive
            D      D/C#    D/B        D/A             E                     G   
He seems surprised in a clumsy moment as he looks for room, for her blessed chair
        G/F#     A
A table stares
          Bm                          Bm/A
And their eyes show only pity as they try to sympathize
        G              G/F#           E7  
Oh, how difficult that must be, look away
          G                  G/F#             E7
Day after day, they'll never see, the joy you bring
         Em           G                 A          D
I'm only happy at the times I know that she's with me

I wear it like a badge of honor at the mall
I hear her call, the only way that she is able with a cry, time to go bye bye
she can't say why
Maybe tired, maybe hurting, god I wish that I could tell
Do I ever make her happy for awhile
To see her smile makes my week, though she can't speak
She let's me know she feels my love when she's with me

       F#m                                D
I know just what heaven looks like when I see that perfect face
       G            A                 D
For no other mortal heart could be so fair
   F#m                            D
I myself so weak and weary, so imperfect as a man
    C              C/B              A            D    D/C#
How could I be the one you chose to care for our girl

           D/B           D/A              G     A
I've never done a single deed to earn the right 
             D  D/C#           D/B            D/A               E7   
to share her light though it's such a painful road we walk each day
?                  G            G/F#   A
Lord you have your ways, this I pray
       Bm                             Bm/A
On the day I stand before you, she'll stand right by my side
         G             G/F#              E7
When you look upon me, head hung down in shame
              G                     G/F#                Em                      G     A 
I'll feel the blame, she'll look at me, and then she'll speak, in that precious voice
      Em              G                A              D   D/C#  D/B  D/A  G  A  D  A  D
Don't worry 'bout him my lord, cuz you see, he's with me
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Thank you so much!! I love this song!
-rayhess2000 | 11/14/2016
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