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Colt Ford - Workin' On (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (373) on 10/5/14
Month Views: 48 | Total Views: 15,843
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Workin' On
Written by Walker Hayes & Doug Waterman
Recorded by Colt Ford
Album: Thanks For Listening (2014)

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(Am)(F)|(C)(G)|

(Am)Chasin' after that dollar like it'll (F)slow down my hurry
(C)Settle all my worries when I (G)get it in my wallet
(Am)Quit dippin' long enough to (F)own a pair of jeans
That (C)don't have a ring in the (G)back left pocket
(Am)Laughin' at myself, ad-(F)mittin' when I'm wrong
That's (C)what this gold ol' boy's (G) gonna go out workin' (Am)on (F) (C) (G)

Workin' on (Am)comin' to Jesus, kickin' the bottle, (F)wrestlin' with our roots
(C)Tryin' to turn off Mama's tears, and (G)feel up Daddy's boots
(Am) Shuttin' off our pride, fixin' (F)bridges we burned
(C)Learnin' how to live (G) and learn
(Am)Keepin' our demons down and our (F)trucks up and runnin'
(C)Lovin' them angels sittin' pretty (G)in the middle of 'em
(Am)Fightin' with the man in the (F)mirror 'til we gone
Yeah, (C)that's what all us good ol' boys (G) gonna go out workin' (Am)on (F) (C) (G)
Gonna go out workin' (Am)on (F) (C) (G)

(Am)Givin' more forgiveness, pickin' (F)battles worth choosin'
Little less (C)cussin' and losin' my (G)temper and my tools
Dial-(Am)in' down my restless, out-(F)growin' my reckless
And (C)my reputation for breakin' (G)hearts and rules
(Am)Realizin' what I got what I (F)got before it's gone
That's (C)what this good ol' boy's (G) gonna go out workin' (Am)on (F) (C) (G)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Am)Ownin' up to my weakness, (F) keepin' it (C)humble but strong (G)
(Am)Doin' the best I can (F) with this flesh and (C)bone (G)

(Repeat Chorus)

Outro.:  |(Am)(F)|(C)(G)| x 3 to fade -----
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