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Conway Twitty - Saturday Night Special (Chord)
Album: Conway Twitty - Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 (1990)
Submitter: Ray Terry (70) on 12/10/06 2 comments
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Saturday Night Special
Conway Twitty

A                    G#                                       F# 
Well, I was there to buy a pistol She was there to hawk her ring
     G#             C#m                         Bm
The broker in the pawnshop Deals in almost anything.
F#                                    Bm
Hell pay you for your misery Or hell sell you someone's pain
            A                   G#m                           C#m  B  -  G#
And that twinkle in his greedy eye Says your loss will be his gain.

C#m                                    Bm               
She stood back in the shadows As the broker dealt with me
     G#                  C#m                  
Her eyes were dark and desperate From some private misery.
                    C#m                      F#m
His words were so prophetic When he said you got a steal
    A                      G#m                     C#m
I said throw in one bullet and you got yourself a deal.

Oh, a Saturday night special Is an easy thing to buy
        C#m                          B
All you got to be is twenty-one or fifteen if you lie.
     F#m                             C#m   
Just hand the man money And if some ones gotta die
A                          G#m                     C# 
The broker in the pawnshop     won't even blink an eye.

Well, he handed me the pistol and I was almost to the door
        C#m                     Bm                    C#m  
When I heard him tell the lady Seven dollars nothing more.
     G#                             B
The lady started crying as he took her wedding band
       A                               G#             C# 
Well, my hand was in my pocket and the gun was in my hand.

Well I was gonna use that bullet to end my life
                G#                                   F#
I was once somebody's husband she was once somebody's wife.
          C#m                            Bm             
Well, I usually mind my business, but I could not walk away
      A                              G#                      C#    G#   D
His dollars just weren't making sense    and I knew I had to stay.

Well, the brokers face turned pasty when he caught my icy stare
           D                     C 
It would never leave my pocket, but he knew the gun was there.
                       D                     C
I asked him what his life was worth and he opened up that drawer
        Dm                        A                 D
For a simple golden wedding band    He paid $2000 more.

                           G           C
That Saturday night was special even though it wasn't planned
   D                                  C
As we walked down the sidewalk She reached and took my hand.
                 Gm                            D
We crossed the bridge and I took that gun and sailed it through the air
                                           A                      D
I said,   Ever been to Texas? She said,    I think Id love it there.

Oh, a Saturday night special is an easy thing to buy
         D                           C             
All you got to be is twenty-one or fifteen if you lie
               Gm                                D
But there's a pawnshop in the city, that used to deal in everything
                                     A                              D
Ha, but you cant buy a pistol there,    you cant hawk your wedding ring...

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doesn't sound like it at all
-clintsimmonsiv | 9/18/2015
Thanks for the heads up. A few years ago the site was hacked and the #'s were deleted. Try it now and let me know what you think.

-Ray Terry | 9/19/2015
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