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Conway Twitty - The Rose (Chord)
Album: Conway's Latest Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (2008)
Submitter: matellmon (28) on 2/7/02 4 comments
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Some say (C) love it is a (G7) river
That (F) drowns the (G) tender (C) reed
Some say love it is a (G7) razor
That (F) leaves the (G) soul to (C) bleed
Some say (Cmaj7) love it is a (Fadd9) hunger
An (F) endless aching (G7sus) need
(G7) I say (C) love it is a (G) flower
And (F) you itās only (C) seed

Itās a heart afraid of (G) breaking of breaking
That (F) never (G) learns to (C) dance
Itās a dream afraid of (G) waking
That (F) never (G) takes the (C) chance
Itās the (Em) one who wonāt be (Am7) taken
Who (F) cannot seem to (G) give
And the (C) soul afraid of (G) dying
That (F) never (G) learns to (C) live

When the night has been so (G) lonely
And the (F) road has (G) been too (C) long
And you think that love is (G) only
For the (F) lucky (G) and the (C) strong
Just (E) remember in the (A7) winter
Far (F) beneath the bitter (G) snows
Lies the (C) seed that with the (G) sunās love
In (F) spring (G) becomes the (C) rose

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Thanks guys. With this song, you just made my woman happy. And me as well.
-RockinHranch | 7/8/2003
Shouldn't this be capoed in the 2nd fret when playing?
-dqx2 | 12/30/2003
matellmon i would just like to say on the line " affraid of breaking you have of breaking twice it should only be one from Tony AKA Superstar song writer from nashville

-torontofireman | 10/16/2004
this is an excellent tab, no need to a capo on the 2nd fret, sounds great with it open, good job

-buckshot_812000 | 2/20/2005
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