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Corey Smith - Cherokee Rose (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (2) on 2/4/11
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Cherokee Rose
Recorded by Corey Smith

Intro.:   | (Dm)  | (C)  | (Dm)  | (G) ---

(Dm) Pinestraw on the ground around a (C)fallen Cherokee rose
(Dm) It's got me wonderin' why those (G)mighty winds of change must blow
(Dm) Once this land was free from (C)fences and shotguns
(Dm) Back when the people killed here for (G)food instead of fun

When the Earth was (F)sanctified, cherished in the (G)red-man's eyes
Before the Cherokee (Dm)rose, (C) the Cherokee (Dm)rose
(C) The Cherokee (Dm)rose (C) (Dm) (G)

(Dm) My boots sink down into the (C)soft red Georgia clay
(Dm) Bought with their blood, this land here (G)never was ours to take away
(Dm) Disheartened souls unjustly (C)driven from their homes
(Dm) Many died along the way, now we (G)build our houses upon their bones

After (F)all these years, I can see the (G)trail of tears
Damn this Cherokee (Dm)rose, (C) oh the Cherokee (Dm)rose
(C) The Cherokee (Dm)rose (C) (G)

Oh they (Dm)call us the land of the free and the (C)home of the brave
But I (G)don't hear much about the injustice that we've (Dm)done along the way
We try to (Dm)black it out, never think about the (C)price they had to pay
We never (G)cry for what was lost, shed a (F)tear for the heavy (G)cost
Of what we call "freedom" (Dm) (C) (Dm) (G)

(Dm) All the gold in the world couldn't (C)pay the debt we owe
(Dm) We'll never right those wrongs, but (G)I believe we should (Dm)let them know
(Dm) That we won't forget and sure as (C)hell won't justify
(Dm) And we'll do our best to keep their (G)memories alive

Oh, the least that (F)we could do is dedicate one (G)lonesome bloom
Won't ya take this Cherokee (Dm)rose, (C) oh the Cherokee (Dm)rose (G)
The Cherokee (Dm)rose, (C) the Cherokee (Dm)rose (G)
The Cherokee rose (Dm)
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