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Cory Morrow - I Don't Like To Drink Alone (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (420) on 11/25/02 2 comments
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 6,897
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I Don't Like To Drink Alone
By Cory Morrow

G  D  C  D  G  C  D  C    

G      D            C           D          G
I woke up with some Wild Turkey starin’ at me
     G               D         C     D      G
So I poured a couple fingers into my cup of coffee
      D        C           D             G
I got up and I tried to recall the whole night
G        D        C             D             G
Why do I drink so much why do I smoke on that pipe

                C      D
Well, well now, nobody said
            G                    C     C/B  Am   C 
I've got to act like a hollywood star
            D                 G            C     C/B   Am    C
I've wasted many an hour in a few too many bars
C               D              G
I don't like to drink alone at all

Next thing I know the phone is ringin’ off the wall
So I stumbled through the beer and the pizza and women and all
It's just my wife she says I've had it I'm takin’ the kids
So I down another chug-a-lug and I blow her a whiskey kiss


Em                C    G              Am            Gm F#m
They told me that everything would be fine but they li-ed
Em          C        G            Am                Gm F#m
I knew that drinkin’ alone wasn't right, wastin’ my mi-nd

I jumped in, stole the bus
And headed south to find a life
And I stopped to find some friends
To help me drink my way thru the night

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You must have heard a different
version than what I've heard!

-JohnnyBAILEY83 | 6/4/2004
yeah way different that doesnt sound right
-holmes0412 | 11/1/2005
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