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Cory Morrow - Light On The Stage (2) (Chord)
Album: Double Exposure (Live) (2003)
Submitter: mr_bonkers (0) on 9/8/03 2 comments
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I have added the changes suggested by Gville-CH and ndn18 to the lyrics.  Both 
versions sound good, but I am partial to this one.

Light on the Stage
Capo 4
Am   G   F   C   Am

Am                    G                      F                      C
They said, "We don't take your kind. No, we don't want no guys like you."
Am                     G               F                       C
I lied my way until December, hoping Christmas would pull me through.
Dm            G               C            G         Am
Then I hung around thinking religion would take its toll.
Dm                  G                            C            G       
The Lord threw no signs that day. It seemed that no one would take me 
at all.
 F               G           Am
Then I saw the light on the stage...
             Am                 C             G              Am
And I said, "Sing with me, oh, sing with me. Sing all night long.
                           C                 G                Am   C  G  Am
And hold me close til the mornin' sun comes searchin' for the dawn."

Am                         G              F                    C
I hitched my way back to Houston where I knew that I'd find a home.
Am                     G                F                        C
My mother claimed 'no vancany' in this new house that I'd never known.
Dm               G                       C         G         Am     
I found myself astray, all alone, caught up in the midst of my pain.
Dm                                    C                 G       Am
In the howling winds of the night, I swore someone was calling my name.
 F                         G           Am
I turned just to see the light on the stage...


Am               G                 F                     C
I took my last dollar, made some change and I called a friend.
Am                    G                           F               C
He said, "That's no problem, pal. You know we've love to take you in."
Dm                G                          C             G   Am
So he helped me through my trial, with some peace from the Lord above.
Dm                    G                    C             G         Am
Next thing I know I'm on the stage doing everything that I've dreamed of.
 F                G                      Am
Now it seems that I am the light on the stage...
 F                G                        Am
Now it seems that we are the lights on the stage.


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
try playing the third and fourth lines of each verse like this.. example:

C C/B Am
...thinking religion would take it's toll
C C/B Am seemed that no one would take me at all
-aggiekelton | 11/30/2003
Yah, that C/B sounds good there, but so does
the G. It could be either way I think.
-Murph316 | 4/16/2004
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