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Cory Morrow - Nashville Blues (Chord)
Album: The Man That I've Been (1998)
Submitter: lmofle (420) on 4/20/02 2 comments
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Nashville Blues
By Cory Morrow
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

G        Am        D 
Late one morning I just packed my things
G             Am          D
Burned all my bills and I hopped a plane
G          Am           C           D
I told the cops and the bankers goodbye
           G            Am                   C            D
They said "Don't let us catch you, cause you owe us your life"

          G         Am              D
Well, the plane was headed east and so I was
G         Am           D
Bound for Tennessee to outrun the fuzz
G          Am      C      D
They found me in a day or two
        G    Am        C                  D         G
Now I'm flat busted in jail, fightin' the Nashville blues

G             Am     D 
I like George Jones, Willie and Waylon
        G        Am        D 
I think Kris and Merle are songwrittin' saviors
    G          Am       C        D 
And Townes Van Zant, he died too soon
             G             Am                    C            D         G
But now he’s up there with Hank and they’re both fightin’ the Nashville blues 
         G            Am         D 
Well the songwritin's left up to old hillbillies
G           Am           D 
Hippies and rednecks and girls like Miss Emmylou
G       Am              C        D
I'm too young to have a point of view
           G       Am           C            D         G
But I just want to be a part of fightin' the Nashville blues

C                      D                     G
Fightin' the Nashville blues it ain't fun, no
G                         C
It takes a toll upon your mind
C                           G
But all the great ones they been there too
                D            C         G 
And they're all fightin' the Nashville blues

Well, I moved back to Austin to try to make a livin
But it ain't been so easy with those hill country women
And I'm stuck inside of this 8x12 room
And my throat's a scratchin' from the cigaretts and booze
And my face is wrinklin' and my mind's a strayin'
And I get on my knees and I get to prayin'
But my hands are worn like the soles of my shoes
And the Lord only knows I'm just fightin' the Nashville blues

Chorus 2:
I like Johnny Cash, Willie and Waylon
I think Chris (Wall) and Merle are songwritin' saviors
Old Keith Whitley, he died too soon
Bun now he's up there with Hank
And there both fightin' the Nashville blues

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
When I tabbed this, I went by ear meaning I played the song and
then figured out the along with the mp3 and try your
way and then try my chord progression...see which is closer...It may
be that his lead player is doing the Am...anyway, that is what I hear
on the recording...

-lmofle | 3/7/2003
I saw cory play it with c(add9)as well but by my ear and when I play it it sounds good with am
-deetuc3 | 10/22/2004
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