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Craig Carothers - Surprise, Surprise (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (399) on 12/9/14 2 comments
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Surprise, Surprise
By Craig Carothers
Written By Craig Carothers & Randy Sharp
CD: Solo (2006)
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

By request...recording from

Not 100% sure on the C to C/B in the bridge. Everything else is right, though.


G              C        G
Sad and sorry, here you stand
G                   C      D/F#
Suitcase and humble pie in hand
Em              C         G
Guess you had a change of plan
G            D/F#
Surprise, surprise

  G                 C         G  
I still recall your fare-thee-well
         G               C     D/F#
When you told me I could go to hell
           Em           C         G
Now you're trying to un-ring that bell
G            D/F# 
Surprise, surprise

             Em       C             G 
I don't know what you thought you'd find
                Em      C      D/F#
But I'm not the one you left behind
             C    G    C                G       C
So if you've come back lookin' for what used to be
                       G                   D/F#
You're gonna need your fool and that's not me
            C     D/F          G    
Cause I got wise, surprise, surprise

Don't tell me, let me guess
You've had a change of heartlessness
Now you're crawlin' back to your old address
Surprise, surprise

Gone for good, that's what you swore
Nothin' here to come back for
Now look who's darkening my door
Surprise, surprise


D                                C
Maybe you've got nowhere else to go
             C    C/B   Em           C       D          
Or maybe you just wanna make amends, I don't know

             C    G    C                G       C
So if you've come back lookin' for what used to be
                       G                   D/F#
You're gonna need your fool but that's not me
     C     G    C        G             C
No I don't know what you thought you'd find
                G              D/F#
But I'm not the one you left behind
No I got wise...
G             C        G
Sad and sorry here you stand 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
thanks for this one! it's a tricky cadence...5/4 time I think. nice job!
-dvari1 | 12/10/2014
If I can make a suggestion, I would replace that C chord with a Cadd9 (032033), making sure that G is played with the high E as well (320033).

The basic stroke pattern would be:

G - pick the bass note (low E), down, down, up, down
Cadd9 - bass note (B string), down, glancing upstroke
G - bass note, down, up, down, up

As for your bridge issue, I'd keep that same basic structure, but build off of the Cadd9 for the progression. So instead of C - C/B - Em, you could use Cadd9 - G/B (020033) - Em7 (022033)

That's just how I hear it. I know it's not perfect. Craig is far more talented than me, and I've had half a mind to ask him how he plays a few of his songs (especially Before I Fall, which for some reason sounds like Total Eclipse of the Heart whenever I get beyond the opening chords).

Anyhow, thank you. I wouldn't have figured out my version if it weren't for yours :)
-sewing | 11/19/2015
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