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Craig Morgan - Always Be Mine (Chord)
Album: I Love It (2003)
Submitter: WildCard76 (121) on 3/12/03 1 comment
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Craig Morgan
Writers: Campbell/Gordon
From the CD: I Love It
Broken Bow Records
Submitted by: Christopher R. (March 12, 2003)

(I just bought this CD about 2 hours ago....this is the best song
that I have heard in years)

Capo I Fret


Oh the (D) first time that we (E) ever danced to(A)gether
You (D) kissed me and I (E) froze right where I (A) stood
It felt (D) just like that night could go on for(F#m)ever
That's the (Bm) very moment my heart thought you (E) would

(D) Always be
(E) Always be (F#m) mine
(D) Always be
(E) Always be (A) mine (D) (E) (A)

Remember (D) when we drove all (E) night down to Day(A)tona
I don't (D) even think we (E) ever saw the (A) beach
We spent (D) half a weeks vacation in a (F#m) hotel room
And that (Bm) might not be your favorite memor(E)y

But it'll (D) always be
(E) Always be (F#m) mine
(D) Always be
(E) Always be (A) mine

I (Bm) know you said we don't belong to(F#m)gether
But (D) if by chance you (E) ever change your (A) mind
And you (Bm) need two arms still (D) dying to (F#m) hold you
It'll (Bm) always be 
(E) Always be (A) mine


I still (D) keep your picture (E) hanging in the (A) hallway
And all your (D) letters in the (E) bottom of a (A) drawer
I still be(D)lieve for everyone there's (F#m) one true love
And I (Bm) realize I'll never be (E) yours

(D) Always be
(E) Always be (A) mine
(D) Always be
(E) Always be (A) mine
Yes you'll (D) Always be
(E) Always be (A) mine
(D) Always be
(E) Always be (A) mine

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
this tab is correct,
but if you want to copy the album,
you should move the capo to the third fret.
Doing this means you'll have to lower each
chord listed by a full-step.
this will allow you to execute the hammer-ons and pull-offs.
The Intro is g- c-d then a walk from b to c
which is the first chord of the verse.
also in the verses, skip the second chord the 1st and 3rd time. Everyone in our hometown of Dickson is proud of Craig,
Thanks for posting his songs!!!

-silverjon311 | 10/18/2003
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