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Craig Morgan - Better Stories (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (111) on 1/26/12
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 4,472
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Craig Morgan
Album: This Ole Boy EP
Submitted by: Christopher R.
12:11 AM 1/27/2012

Intro: (F) (F) (F) (F) (C) (C) (C) (C) (F) (F)

 If you (F) never hit a cow at 3 a.m.
 In a borrowed Oldsmob(C)ile
 Played cards all night in the county jail
 With the one arm man name (F) Phil
 If you (Bb) never cannon ballled off the (F) fifth floor rail
 Into a (C) pool at the Holiday (F) Inn
 'Cause it was (Bb) Panama City, you were (F) drunk and she was pretty
 The (G) paramedics gave you a (C) prefect ten
  And (F) when we're old and rocking on the porch
  Re-living all our gl(C)ory
  You might have a few less scars
  But I'll have better (F) stories
 If you never been bitten by a snake in a church
 While you sang "Amazing Grace"
 If you never had to bribe a border guard
 To overlook that one suitcase
 If you never hustled pool in a biker bar
 And had an eight ball break your nose
 Then hit the first Harley with the front of your truck
 Just to watch them all fall like dominoes
Repeat Chorus
 If you've (Bb) never been banned from a (F) Taco Bell
 If you (Bb) didn't fry your nest (F) egg
 If you've (Bb) never had a doctor say (F) "what the hell?"
 As a (G) little night nurse climbed (C) out of your bed
Repeat Chorus

  (C) You might have both brain cells left
  But I'll have better (F) stories
   I don't even know where half these scars came from
   Somebody remembers though I can't, do you?
   I know this one right here was from that jump across that car
   On that bicycle, you dared me, I did it
   Girls do love scars

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