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Craig Morgan - Looking Back With You (Chord)
Album: That's Why (2008)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (416) on 5/17/09 2 comments
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Looking Back With You
Written by Tim James, Craig Morgan & Phil O'Donnell
Recorded by Craig Morgan
Album: That's Why

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  | (Bm) (A) | (G) --- | (Bm) (A) | (G)  | (Bm) (A) | (G) ---

We (Bm)met when I was (A)stationed at Fort (G)Campbell
Got (D)married in the (A)front yard at your (Em)dad's (G)
I played gui-(D)tar and sang my (A)songs down at the (Em)hatchery (G)
Then one (D)day, we settled (A)down to what we (Em) had (F#) (G) (A)

We (Bm)made a picture (A)perfect life to-(G)gether
Got (D)memories in our (A)head in every (Em) room (G)
One (D)day we'll be too (A)old to do (Em)what we used to (G)do
But I look (D)forward to (A)lookin' back with (D)you

When we're (Bm)sittin' on our (A)front porch in our (G)cracker barrel rockers
And we don't (Bm)long to dye the (A)grey out of our (G) hair
We'll sit and (Bm)laugh and talk a-(A)bout all the (G)things that we went through
Yeah, I look (D)forward to (A)lookin' back with (D)you

Inst.:  --- | (Bm) (A) | (G) ---

I (Bm)can't believe Al-(A)ly's already (G)drivin'
And (D)Kyle rides with (A)her to their high-(Em)school (G)
It wont be (D)long until they (A)both gone off to (Em)college, (G)baby
I look (D)forward to (A)lookin' back with (D)you

When my (Bm)new truck is my (A)old truck and I take (G)off these big old tires
And it's our (Bm)turn to slow down (A)traffic every-(G)where
We'll spend our (Bm)winters in a (A)motorhome (G)parked down in Cancun
Yeah, I look (D)forward to (A)lookin' back with (D)you

Inst.:  | (Bm) (A) | (G)  | (Bm) (A) Oh | (D) ---

If our (Bm)maker comes and (A)takes me and (G)leaves you here alone
Don't be (Bm)sad because I'm (A)not that far a-(G)way
Once a-(Bm)gain hand in (A)hand we'll walk the (G)far side of the moon
I look (D)forward to (A)lookin' back with (Bm)you, (A)oh, ba-(G)by

I look (D)forward to (A)lookin' back with (D)you

Outro.:  --- | (Bm) (A) | (G)  | (Bm) (A) | (G) -----
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
awesome job man! that song was so hard for me to figure out. i tried doing the chords before but no luck. thank u so much for posting
-calkins88 | 5/29/2009
one of my favorite songs by C.M.
-WildCard76 | 8/4/2020
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