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Craig Morgan - Lotta Man ( In That Little Boy ) (Chord)
Album: My Kind of Livin' (2005)
Submitter: WildCard76 (105) on 3/23/05 2 comments
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Craig Morgan
Album: My Kind Of Livin'
2005, Broken Bow Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
1:27 AM 3/23/2005

Intro: (D) (A) (G) x 2

(D) His life is that (A7) blue bike
(D7) Ball glove and (G) fishing pole
(D) Tree house, (A7) BB gun
(G) Band-aid covered knees
(D) He does good de(A7)livering papers
(D7) Cutting grass (G) for the neighbors
Ex(D)cept for widow Wilson
(A7) He cuts hers for fr(G)ee
His (Bm7) little (G) hands
Do a(D)lot for a kid his (A7sus4) age (A7)

  He puts one (G) tenth of his hard-earned money
  In the offering plate each Sunday
  By his own ch(D)oice
  (Em7) There's a lotta (D) man in that little boy

(D) (A) (G) 

(D) Weekdays, he tr(A7)ies to sleep late
(D7) Weekends, he's (G) up at daybreak
(D) Him and Roy, (A7) wadin' in Cotton Cr(G)eek
(D) That dog was (A7) like his brother
(D7) You see one, you (G) see the other
(D) Cut one, and (A7) both of them would bl(G)eed
(Bm7) Tires scr(G)eam
But that (D) old truck couldn't (A7sus4) stop (A7)

  There's the tr(G)ee that he buried him under
  He made a cross from scraps of lumber
  And on it, carved "God Bless Old (D) Roy"
  (Em7) There's a lotta (D) man in that little boy


  There's a (G) house down where he goes fishing
  He told his mom those kids got nothing
  And I don't need all these (D) toys
  (Em7) There's a lotta (D) man
  There's a lotta man
  There's a lotta that little boy (D) (A) (G) 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
the em7 needs to be Bm....and the A's need to be

-chad_jarnigan | 3/23/2005
I agree with you about the A chords (changed them to A7's).
In the verses, I made a mistake by typing Em7, but I've
changed them to Bm's). Listen to the chorus again,
though. The Em7 is in there (listen to the bass).
-WildCard76 | 3/23/2005
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