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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Americana(mother Freedom Song) (Chord)
Album: Unknown (2000)
Submitter: ryanj (0) on 4/25/04 6 comments
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Intro: D A G D A

 	 D                     A              G
 	 Americana rimes with marijuana, and Americana
                         D      A               
 	 Makes me want to sing a song.
        D                     A        G            A                    
 	 Marijuana makes me want to, load up my gravity


           G                                    D 
 	 Get stoned to the bone sing mother freedom song 
          A             	  	      D           G
 	 Empty out my bag cause I salute the flag will all 
        sing harmony In the key of G when they legalize 
             A                    D
        THC until then will do it illegally.

 	 Our boys they fight for the right to live in
        the land of the free
 	 Id like to shake there hand give them all a
        strand of Colorado Northern Lights


 	 Them boys on capitol hill passing all those bills
        in our land of democracy.
 	 Id like to get them rolled on the Curtain County 
        Gold show them all how its gonna be


 	 We would all live as one throw away our guns from
        Monozuma to Tripoli
 	 We would all kick back finally relax on some 
        California Tie Stick weed

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
where did you hear that
-wildbill2003 | 4/26/2004
-mammy | 4/26/2004
Great job, the only other thing I'm hearing is a D7 following the D at the end of each verse,
but it's optional anyway.
The little walkdown is basically a C C/B C/A G G/F# G/E D.
-bogieaggie | 4/29/2004
This has to be the best song i've ever heard in my whole life!

BTW- it's "Thai stick weed" because it's from Thailand.
-pickerfromWACO | 1/8/2005
Its not Curtain county gold its McCurtain County gold.(lol,thats where I am from)
-jonjames | 7/28/2005
mcurtain county gold is in the high times top 10 every year!!!!!
-lumpyokc | 1/1/2006
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