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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Diamond Ring (live Version) (Chord)
Album: Unknown (2000)
Submitter: lmofle (25) on 11/20/02 9 comments
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Diamond Ring (Live Version)
By Cross Canadian Ragweed
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Capo 2

      D  G    D           G                D 
Got a diamond ring in the top drawer of my dresser
  D                                              A
I gave it to my love one time, I bought it to impress her
    G                    A                D         G/F#       G 
She wore it around for a little while now she donít wear it no more
    D                                  A                     D 
She gave me back my diamond ring and I keep it in my dresser drawer

I got a trusting heart I wear out on my sleeve
Itís got a knack for trusting lies wanting to believe
Itís got me into so much trouble so many times before
I put it next to my diamond ring and I put it in my dresser drawer


I got a Colt 45 in my dresser drawer
Right next to the trusting heart and the ring she wears no more
I hold the barrel up to the light, I love the way it shine
Well it wasnít near the trouble I have of leaviní her behind

I got a diamond ring in the top drawer of my dresser

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
this is actually a Great Divide song off of their new album remain.
Although ragweed may cover it, it is not a ccr original.
-guitarman76380 | 12/2/2002
you are right this is a great divide song
but not off the new album
-kburgess14 | 1/7/2003
ccr did it live at the wormy dog....
-guitareguy20 | 7/12/2003
ccr played it at th wormy dog , and it is an old mike mcclure tune
-Skocher | 7/29/2003
hey it might be a Great Divide song but just for the info,,,, its Mike Mclure
-tidus86_2004 | 1/13/2004
Ummm.....hey... Mike McClure and the Great Divide are the same. Mike
is (or was) the frontman for the group.

-bradleyd3 | 3/22/2004
yall must really not know a lot about Mike McClure...hes is the most
kickass song writer since bod should really check out is
new band and his new cd...Everything is Upside Down...its badass

-levylogan | 3/28/2004
The word that goes in place of the "???",
Lar, is "barrel": "I hold the barrel up to
the light, I love the way it shines"

I knew this was a McClure song, but only
because, in the live recording from the
Wormy Dog, Cody says it is. I can't seem
to find his music anywhere around here.
But this song is absolutely brilliant, so
if the others of his are like this, h3ll
yeah, bring it on...awesome song.
-Smoothie7745 | 6/9/2004
Go check the McClure tabs and ask me again if I know about Mike...
-lmofle | 6/9/2004
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