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Dallas Smith - Nothing But Summer (Chord)
Album: Jumped Right In (2012)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (416) on 3/21/13
Month Views: 13 | Total Views: 5,195
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Nothing But Summer
Written by Chris Tompkins, Jim Collins, Mark Irwin & Joey Moi
Recorded by Dallas Smith

(Capo on 1)

Intro.:  |(G) |(Bm)(A)| x 2

(G) Pretty little girls (Bm)flirting with the (A)boys down at the (G)snowcone stand (Bm)(A)
(G) Beer caps, flip flops, (Bm)tank tops, (A)popping off down be-(G)low the dam (Bm)(A)

(F#m) Souped up (G)pick ups, (F#m) chrome shiny (G)Harley's
(F#m) Inner tubes, (G)Mountain dew and a (A)fifth of Bacardi

(D) Get on your mark set, (A)baby get your feet wet
(G)Dive in head first, (A)let it take you under
(D)Grab a little sunshine, (A)coppertone tan lines
(G)Hanging out talking 'bout, (A)nothing but Summer

Inst.:  |(G) |(Bm)(A)|(G)Summer |(Bm)(A)(G) |

(G) Little party on a pontoon boat, (Bm) everybody's (A)here, everybody's (G)getting loud (Bm)(A)
(G) Damn fine tan lines and them (Bm) Carolina (A)cutieslaid out (G)on the bow (Bm)(G)

(F#m) Couple in the (G)water (F#m) making (G)waves
(F#m) You and (G)me sleeping (A)off in the shade

Repeat Chorus

(G) Loving is free-(F#m)-dom, love it up all (Em)life
Loving is feel-(A)ing, I'm feeling alright

(G) On the beach with a (Bm)bottle of (A)good wine
(G) You and me making (A)love by the moonlight

Repeat Chorus

|(G) |(Bm)(A)|(G)Summer, |(Bm)(A)nothing but |(G)summer
|(Bm)(A)Oh, |(G)summer |(Bm)(A)(G) -----
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