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Dan Seals - 5 Generations Of Rock County Wilsons (Chord)
Album: Rage On (1988)
Submitter: WildCard76 (109) on 11/25/04 2 comments
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Dan Seals
Album: Rage On
1988 Capitol Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
4:59 AM 11/25/2004

Capo 3rd Fret

Intro:  (G)  (Cadd9)  (G)  (Cadd9)  x 2

It (G) seems like over(D/F#)night, the (Em7) town of Red River           
Was (C) suddenly full of strange (D) men                
Who wore (C) suits in the summer        
And (G/B) stood on the dirt roads, (A) trying to hold their maps in the (D) wind
And (G) some of them (D/F#) smiled, and (Em7) some of them didn't
And (C) none of them came back a(D)gain
After (G) 5 gener(D/F#)ations of (Em7) Rock County Wilsons
The (C) last 50 (G/B) acres, (C) apparently (G/B) didn't
(C) Mean a (D) damn thing to (G) them

(G)  (Cadd9)  (G)  (Cadd9)  

I (G) stood on the (D/F#) hill, over(Em7)looking Red River
Where my (C) momma and her momma (D) lay
And (C) listened to the growling of the (G/B) big diesel cat
As they (A) tore up the woods where I pl(D)ayed
And I said, (G) Momma for(D/F#)give me, but (Em7) I'm almost glad,
That (C) you're not here to(D)day
After (G) 5 gener(D/F#)ations of (Em7) Rock County Wilsons
To see the (C) last 50 (G/B) acres in the (C) hands of some(G/B)body
That would (C) actually (D) blow it a(G)way

You (G) know the Bus (D/F#) station, in the (Em7) town of Red River
(C) Used to be the general (D) store.
But (C) now they got a new one. 
And you (G/B) know that's ok, if a (A) bus is what you're looking (D) for
So (G) early one (D/F#) morning, when the (Em7) sun cut red
(C) I got up with the (D) dawn
After (G) 5 gener(D/F#)ations of (Em7) Rock County Wilson's
The (C) last one just (G/B) climbed on a (C) big gray (D) dog
(N.C) And was gone

Fade out...

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great song! Isn't it a Doug Supernaw song though? I know he did a version, but maybe Dan seals did too. Either way, nice job.
-huck | 1/25/2006
I was also not aware that Dan Seals did this song, but it is a really good one. Supernaw did a great job on it.
-tpmadden | 3/17/2009
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