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Dan Seals - Addicted (Chord)
Album: Rage On (1988)
Submitter: WildCard76 (106) on 7/18/11 1 comment
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Dan Seals
Album: Greatest Hits
1991, Liberty Nashville
Submitted by: Christopher R.
12:59 PM 7/18/2011

Capo 1st Fret

Intro: (E) (E) (A) (D) x 2

(E) She says she hates to sleep a(A)lone but she'll do it to(D)night
(E) She wants to grab her telep(A)hone but she knows it ain't (D) right
So if he won't (G) call she'll sur(C)vive
And if he don't (F) care she'll get (Am) by (Am/G)
Climb into (D) bed bury her (G) head and cr(C)--(G)--(D)y

From the beginning he was all anyone could have been
They were delirious with love, they were certain to win
Now he's breaking plans more and more
And he's leaving notes on her door
'took a trip out of town, couldn't turn this one down'
He said 'I guess I should have told you before'
 (E) She says she feels like she's ad(Am)dicted to a (Am7/G)real bad th(D)ing
 She's always sitting, waiting (G) wondering if the (G/B) phone will (C) ring
 She knows she bounces like a (Am) yo-yo when he (Am/G) pulls her str(D)ing
 It hurts to feel like such a (Em) fool  (D) (G)
 She wants to (E) tell him not to (Am) call or come ar(Am7/G)ound ag(D)ain
 He doesn't need her now at (G) all the way that (G/B) she needs (C) him
 She's on the edge about to (Am) fall from leaning (Am/G) out and (D) in
 And she don't know which way to (Em) move (D) (C) (D)
 She wants to be fair, she couldn't say he was ever unkind
 But if she could bear to walk away, she thinks he wouldn't mind
 'cause he just keeps himself so apart
 And there's no one else in her heart
 So she's taking a dive from an emotional high
 And coming down hard

Repeat Chorus

Fade Out 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Excellent job - I deleted the other one - I guess that was when I first joined and was just trying to get songs on the site...this is a 5
-lmofle | 7/18/2011
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