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David Bradley - Get A Hero Home (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (422) on 10/28/12
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Get A Hero Home
By David Bradley
Written by Philip Pence and Cory Batten
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

You can hear this song here -

               Em                               C
He was hoofin' that Virginia highway, cardboard sign that read Tucson
G                             D 
Tent fatigues flapping in the wind
          Em                                  C
When that long white semi pulled up, "Cowboy" written on the door
G                          D                  G
The driver hollered "Well, come on boy, climb in"

       Em                                          C 
"Son I hear that Tuscon deserts hot.", the soldier smiled and said "Yes sir"
             G                            D  
But no where near that firey hell back in Iraq"
    Em                  C
"Oh god I can't wait to hold my wife again 
           G                                 D
And see my one year old that's never met his dad."
         Am                             Em  
Well the humming of the engine put that soldier right to sleep
    Am                        D
old cowboy wiped his eyes and got on his CB

                       C D                    G 
Said "Breaker Breaker 19, who's got your ears on"
                  C             D             G                   G7
"Just picked up a soldier in Virginia and hes trying to reach Tucson"
                  C  D        Em
"I can get him as far as Tupelo"
                      C   D              G
"I could use a little help to get a hero home"

Well, Cowboy wheeled it into Tupelo, nudged that soldier on the arm
He said, "Wake up, son this is where we say goodbye,"
Then he pointed out the window to a bright red Peterbilt
Said "That's my friend, Eagle, he's gonna be your ride"
Soldier gave the cowboy a salute as that diesel hit the road
Eagle put that hammer down and got on his radio

Chorus 2:
Said "Breaker Breaker 19, who's got your ears on"
Just picked up a soldier in Mississippi and he's trying to reach Tucson
I can get him as far as San Anton'
But I could use a little help to get a hero home

          C                  G 
Well they got to San Antonio right before sunrise
            D                                     G                    G7
And as they pulled into that rest stop they could not believe their eyes
           C                        G        G/F# Em
There were 20 eighteen wheelers all lined up in a row
         Am                              D    
Each one laying on the air horn saying, "Let me take you home, son we're gonna get you home"

               Em                        C
Well that last trucker took that soldier right up to his house
      G                             D 
And a young girl with a baby in her arms came running out
            Em                                                    C
The Soldier smiled and said "Tell 'em thank you" ran and took his family in his arms
            Am                                  D
As that new diesel rolled away, they were still kissing in the yard

Chorus 3:
"Breaker breaker 19, whose got your ears on
I just dropped that soldier off safely in Tucson
Pass it on down the line, boys job well done
We should all be proud, we got our hero home
We should all be proud, we got a hero home 
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