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David Lee Murphy - Dust On The Bottle (the Correct One) (Chord)
Album: Out With a Bang (1994)
Submitter: blake17theman (0) on 4/7/05 6 comments
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Intro:  B, F#, E, B, G#, F#, E

Play intro twice:

B        F#      E       B      G#       F#     E     E       E

     p       p       p       p       p       p           
     a       a       a       a       a       a          
4-4  u       u  1-1  u  4-4  u       u       u   1     1       1
4-4  s  4-4  s  2-2  s  4-4  s  6-6  s  4-4  s   2     2       2
2-2  e  4-4  e  2-2  e  2-2  e  6-6  e  4-4  e   2     0-2     2
x-x     2-2     x-x     x-x     4-4     2-2      0     0       x

(on the second B, hammer from 0 to 2 on the 5th string for the rest of
the song)

B          F#          E                     B 
Creole Williams, lived down the dirt road,
G#                      F#              E
made home made wine like nobody I know.
B          F#          E                      B
I dropped by one Friday night and said, can ya help me Creole?
G#                      F#              E
I got a little girl waitin on me and I, wanna treat her right, he said
F#                       G#               E
I got what ya need son, it's sitting down in the cellar.
F#                       G#               E                F#
Its just been waitin' for a night like tonight, but

B             F#          E          B
There might be, a little dust on the bottle,
G#                F#              E
but don't let it fool ya, about what's inside.
B             F#          E          B
There might be, a little dust on the bottle,
G#                        F#             E
it's just one of those things, that gets sweeter with time.

B 	  	  	  	 F# 	  	  	 E 	 B
You were sitting on the porch swing as I, pulled up the driveway,
G# 	  	  	 F# 	  	  	 E
my old heart was racing as you, climbed inside.
B 	  	  	  	 F# 	  	 E 	  	 B
You slide a little bit close as we, drove down to the lake road,
G# 	  	  	 F# 	  	    E
and watched the sun fade in that big red sky.


F# 	  	  	  	 G# 	  	  	  	 E
I reached under the front seat and said, now here's something special.

F# 	  	  	 G# 	  	     E  	  	 F#
It's just been waitin', for a night like tonight, but -  Chorus:


F#              G#          E                        B     
You're still with me, we'll make some memories,
F# 	      G# 	         E
after all these years there's one - thing - I've found.
F#             G#             E            B   
Some say good love, it's like a fine wine,
F#             G#                    E             F#
it keeps gettin' better, as the days roll by  . . . but - Chorus 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
excellent tab perfect 10
-zoogit08 | 10/23/2005
Where it says refrain... you need to move up the notes a little bit in order for it to sound right, but other than that it's perfect.
-ovation_06 | 12/23/2005
your placing of some of the notes on the words is off but its the right notes

-knk6 | 2/7/2006
Looks good. Just listened to the song for the first time in a long time and unless I'm mistaken he is singing "might be a little dust on MY bottle"
-BrianEarlHaines | 7/21/2008
im pretty sure its dust on THE bottle... considering that's the name of the song.
-jordanbaker1234 | 8/18/2008
at the end of the first verse it's "reached through the cob-webs as he turned on the light he said..."
-BassBuster | 4/6/2010
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