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Dean Brody - Rural Route #3 (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (93) on 11/11/12
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Rural Route #3
Written & recorded by Dean Brody
Album: Dirt (2012)

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(G)(D)|(Bm)(A)|(D)

It was (G)one lane in and (D)one lane out, (Bm) a country road they (A)built around
A (G)general store and last stop for (A)gasoline (D)(A)

A paved (G)carpet where we (D)rode our bikes, how the (Bm)mail came in and how our (A) town survived
A (G)hundred miles from the city's cold (A)con-(D)crete

Yeah, (Bm)round here old rural route number three (A) is (Bm)more than just a crossing for tumbleweeds (A)

She's (G)taken sons to (A)foreign shores, brought (Bm)some back home to (A/C#)their front porch
She' (D)how we come to-(A)gether when the church bell (D)rings
A (G)quarter inch on a (A)fold out map where (Bm)we live, love, (A/C#)cry and laugh
I (D)hope my kids can (A)grow up just like (G)me on a country road like (A)rural route number three

Inst.:  |(G)(D)|(Bm)(A)|

My first (G) memory is (D)wrapped around momma (Bm)walkin' me to my (A)first bus route
She (G)thought I didn't notice, (A) but saw her cry (D)(A)

A (G)place we parked and (D)fogged windows, a (Bm)way to college and (A)Christmas back home
The (G)shoulder I broke down (A)on when a good friend (D) died

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  |(G)(D)|(Bm)(A)| x 2

The (G)sun is hot, our (D)flag it waves, we've (Bm)dreamed for years a-(A)bout this day
When (G)we'd take those five (A)yellow ribbons down (D)

(G)Riding the blacktops (D)hot heatwaves, (Bm)black boots marchin' through (A) ticker tape
A (G)boy from overseas (A) are back in town (D)

Yeah, to-(Bm)day old highway three is hallowed ground (A)

Outro.:  |(G)(D)|(Bm)(A)| x repeat to fade

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