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Dedringers - Heart Of Gold (Chord)
Submitter: cswaim1234 (1) on 10/3/08 1 comment
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Heart of Gold
The Dedringers

Capo III

F 	 C 	 G       C      F 	 C 	 G 	 C 	 G 	 C

F 	  	 C 	  	  	 G 	  	         C
I met you in the spring of one five had a hunger for love and a mouth full of jive
F 	  	  	   C 	  	     G 	  	  	        C
I look and you then youíd look away when I couldnít think of anything else to say
F 	  	  	    	  C 	  	     G  	  	  	        C 	 
You just sound sadder when you try to sound glad I tried to bring it up but itíd make you mad 
F 	  	  	    C 	  	  	    G 	  	  	      C 
Itíd make you mad but itíd see right through cause all it really made you was all the more blue

F 	  	  	            C 	            G 	   	  	    C
So wonít you take this monkey off of my back I couldnít put forth what they had to hold back
F 	  	  	         C 	  	  	    G 	  	  	    	    C
And you showed up and you broke the mold with a past full of scars and a heart of gold
 	    G 	  	  	     C
A heart of gold... with your heart of gold

F              	   C 	  	     G 	             C
So the angel she came down to me and filled me with anxiety
F 	   	  	    C 	  	  G 	  	    C
And scuffed my boots and tore my socks filled my pockets up with rocks
F 	  	         C 	  	      G 	  	        C
I told her as she was about to go to do take care and rock the show
        F 	  	   	  C 	  	         G 	  	     C
She looked at me as she flew away she said if youíd a left I might have stayed


F 	 C 	 G 	 C 	 F 	 C 	 G 	 C 	 G 	 C

F 	  	          C 	  	  	  G 	  	      C
Then I went out and I found a friend who filled my glass and talked of sin
F 	  	     C 	  	  	 G 	  	        C
He said of sin you canít escape it when new years comes itís always belated
F 	  	  	 C 	  	           G 	  	  	        C
I remember when the world was created godís plan was good but his vision was jaded


F 	  	        C 	  	  	   G 	  	  	  C
So we proceeded to knock Ďem down and quench our thirst round after round
F 	  	           C 	  	  	      G 	  	   	    C
I woke in the morning feeling quite a clown I shut my mouth moved to the next town
F 	  	  	 C 	  	  G 	  	     C
It didnít get better when I got there cause I was seeing you everywhere
F 	  	          C 	  	  	     G 	  	  	       C
Sitting by the window standing by the door just like the town and the town before


F 	  	  	        C 	  	      G 	  	    C
Like the ferris wheel and the candy man we lived in cotton candy land
F 	  	      	  	 C 	  	            G 	  	  	  C
You wanted picket fences and a pink home though you knew deep down I had the hunger to roam
F 	  	         C 	  	        G 	  	  	          C
We drank more than sailors on leave you saw it in my eyes on new years eve
F 	   	          C 	  	  	 G 	  	  	       C
New years eve at the start of one seven Iíd rather keep moving than stop in heaven
 	  	 G 	  	       C
Rather keep on moving than stop in heaven


F 	 C 	 G 	 C 	 F 	 C 	 G 	 C 	 G 	 C 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Nice job. The only addition that I have is that at the end of the chorus it goes, G Am G Am. Then it goes back into the F at the beginning of the next verse. Thanks for the rest of it though!
-Zmueller | 10/10/2010
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