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Deryl Dodd - You're Not Lookin' For (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (53) on 12/12/15
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You're Not Lookin' For
By Deryl Dodd
Written by Deryl Dodd
CD: Together Again (2009)
Tabbed by Larry Mofle

Capo 2

     Am                      D
Well baby I know you've been lookin’
        Am                 G  
For the right love to come along
       Am                       D
Though you’ve had the best of intentions
     Am                       D
They just keep on turnin’ out wrong
     Cadd9                    G
Well I may not be some prince charming
      Cadd9                      G
But a man of my world that’s for sure
         Cadd9                    D
When I'd say that I’d love you forever
        Am                   D
You can count on forever and more

      Cadd9                          G
Cause I know that you been searchin’ for so long
    Cadd9                            D
And I know that your will to love is all but gone
          Cadd9                G       
If you'll turn your heart my direction
    Cadd9                       G
And walk through this wide open door
         Cadd9                   D
You will find all the love and affection
     Am  C/B     Cadd9      D       G      
In a man    that you’re not lookin’ for

I can’t understand how anyone
Could have held you and told you goodbye
I guess that's all part of the reason
Why we’re both here together tonight
Well this sure feels like a miracle
Like the magic that each new day brings
Cause all in this world that we’re hopin’ for
Likes in something that we’ve never seen


                    Em                   A
You can search this whole world over and never find
    Em                                     A
The love that's standing right before your very eyes


            Am  C/B     Cadd9      D       G      
Yes I'm the man    that you’re not lookin’ for 
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