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Dierks Bentley - Come A Little Closer (Chord)
Album: Greatest Hits, Every Mile a Memory (2008)
Submitter: WildCard76 (113) on 6/12/05 37 comments
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Dierks Bentley
Album: Modern Day Drifter
Submitted by: Christopher R.
2:06 AM 6/12/2005

NOTE: The original post was great. The only reason that I am posting this,
is because I think that using your capo on the 1st fret vs. the 3rd fret,
makes it sound more like the recording. This is just my version. Not 
trying to step on any toes. I've seen Dierks perform this many times, 
and he plays this with the 1st fret capo'd.

Capo 1st Fret

Intro: (E)  (Asus2)  (E)  (Asus2)  

(E) Come a little closer, baby
(Asus2) I feel like layin' you (E) down (Asus2)
On a (E) bed sweet surre(Asus2)nder
Where we can (E) work it all out (Asus2)
(C#m) There ain't nothin' that (Asus2) love can't fix
(C#m) Girl, it's right here at our (Asus2) fingertips
(E) So come a little closer baby,
(Asus2) I feel like layin' you (E) down

(E) Come a little closer, baby
(Asus2) I feel like lettin' (E) go (Asus2)
Of every(E)thing that stands be(Asus2)tween us
And the love we (E) used to know (Asus2)
(C#m) I wanna touch you like a (Asus2) cleansing rain
(C#m) Let it wash all the (Asus2) hurt away
(E) So come a little closer baby
(Asus2) I feel like lettin' (E) go

   If there's (Asus2) still a chance
   Then take my hand
   And we'll (E) steal away (Esus2) (E)
   Off in(Asus2)to the night
   'till we make things right
   The (F#m) sun's gonna rise on a (B) better day

Steel Guitar Solo

(E) Come a little closer baby
(Asus2) I feel like strippin' it (E) down (Asus2)
(E) Back to the basics of (Asus2) you and me
And what makes the (E) world go 'round (Asus2)
(C#m) Every inch of you a(Asus2)gainst my skin
(C#m) I wanna be stronger than (Asus2) we've ever been
(E) So come a little closer baby
(Asus2) I feel like strippin' it (E) down

(E) Just a little bit closer baby (Asus2)
(E) Just a little bit closer baby (Asus2)
(E) Come a little bit closer baby
(Asus2) I feel like layin' you (E) down (Asus2)  (E)  (Asus2) 

Fade Out

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great Tab! This is exactly how dierks plays it on the dvd that comes with his new cd. However, he does not bar the C#m. it is played with the 1st string open.
-CKirschner07 | 7/4/2005
no he plays an Asus2 not A. watch the dvd closely. my tab is right on.
-titanman2789 | 7/9/2005
I agree. Asus2 sounds closer to the album.
-WildCard76 | 8/4/2005
Thanks for the tab, sounds great. I'm a beginner, could someone help me with the intro/solo.

-jerkins | 8/11/2005
it has no capo in the new video
the first chord is D...
-Derek_Cave99 | 8/28/2005
I am not 100% positiv3e on this, but I think that the reason there is conflicting ideas on the placement of the capo is a matter of tuning. If you are tuned in drop D, then the Capo on the first string aligns with the song, and the Third capo for E. So In a way both are correct, but if tuned in E, the third capo version will synch up with the CD.
-sgtspiff | 8/31/2005
No, with the capo on the third fret, yes the chords are different, but the sound is the same as this tab. On the third fret you would play D G D G through the verse instead of E Asus2 E Asus2. It all sounds the same. At dierks plays it at the aol sessions with the capo at the 3rd fret.
-titanman2789 | 8/31/2005
And the other guitarist plays it like this. Definately a 10!!!
-leadam | 9/22/2005
i don't know what the rest of ya'll are talkin bout this tab is right on
-Tycouch803 | 9/28/2005
he played it with no capo and in G on the opry tonight 10-1-05
-countryjamlover | 10/1/2005
The intro solo part is played like this:

-asdfghjklllllll | 10/5/2005

-asdfghjklllllll | 10/5/2005
Great tune and great tab! Nice job with the lead part also. Need Capo on first to play with original recording.
-mperry | 10/19/2005
Well to end the controversy! As everyone knows you can "transpose" a song from any key to another. I just look on aol sessions which is a live version of the song he does use a capo on the 3rd fret which you can plainley see. Which he may do in live situations for ease of playing! In the cmt video he uses no capo. So I'd say play it the way you think it sounds right.
-atekjunkie | 10/22/2005
This same thing happened with the Howie Day song Collide, he uses a capo on the album, to play the song right I need a capo on my guitar, and yet on the music video he's playing the same exact chords (same fingerings and sound and everything else) and yet his guitar doesn't have a capo on it at all. I think it's a music video thing to not use a capo. But great tab, and I just played along with the music video fine. Hope I haven't continued the Capo controversy (dum dum dummmm).
-Dorifto240 | 11/8/2005
I watched him play this at the CMA's and it was G and C chord progression...retard!
-proberts11 | 11/16/2005
I watched that, as well. The funny thing is
that I played along with him & his band,
and the key was F (the same as the recorded
key). I guess Dierks de-tuned his acoustic.
-WildCard76 | 11/16/2005
@ CMA he used the G chord with alternating
654321 to 654321
320033 .. x32033
without a capo, but I agree with Wildcard that the tuning was altered.
-microsysinc | 11/16/2005
does anyone know the tuning needed to play without a capo?? that would be GREATLY appreciated!
-synchrocutie7 | 11/20/2005
hey great tab but which variation of the C#m does he use in the dvd?? if anyone can help! thanks!
-austin_0_4 | 11/26/2005
this tab is great! sounds perfect to me. and as to the capo thing in the videos, the reason is because they aren't recording what they're playing for the video, they use a pre-recorded version, all they do on the videos is just kind of pretend, and it looks better without a capo, so they just play the same chords, but without a capo.
-blueskyrecords | 11/30/2005
After some studying I figured out what the deal is with this song! Whats going on here is Dierks is playing D Gsus2 D Gsus2 etc with a capo'd 3rd fret. That guy with him is playing E Asus2 E Asus2 etc with a capo'd 1st fret. Its just a way of fatting up the chords after you do the transposing it ends up in the key of F. It kinda gives you a 12 string effect, lots of Keith Urban songs do this as well. Give it a try get with a friend, or multi track do one capo'd 1st E Asus2 deal then play over it with capo'd 3rd fret D Gsus2 deal and listen to the effect reproduces his tone pretty good!
-atekjunkie | 12/4/2005
I tried what you are talking about and Id have to admit it sounds fairly good, does add a 12 string affect to it, to an already beautiful song. This is one great song.
-madtabber | 12/20/2005
Thats kewl man,
Me and a buddy plays it like I mentioned, The capo'd 1st fret with E Asus2 gives its a nice fat bottom end, the capo'd 3rd fret with D Gsus2 gives its a nice crisp top end and they are both in the original key of F after you transpose so its right on the money with the cd. But the guy is right playing the E Asus2 does sound more like the CD in a one guitar situation.......PE@CE!
-atekjunkie | 12/21/2005
Well, can anyone actually do the intro to this? Like the very beginning? Must be something wrong with my playin technique....I think Im too used to Led Zep or something....
-thebigskweasal | 12/28/2005
All I have to say is.....Circle of fifths
-rekuzniar | 1/13/2006
-e_tellor | 1/17/2006
-e_tellor | 1/17/2006
i love it when people take their music much too seriously... I thought it was a great tab.
-Dorifto240 | 1/18/2006
yea, great job man, sounds great
-Southernguy1871 | 1/19/2006
umm ya i think that this tab is the best and its definatly Asus2.......nice job
-paisleyrox | 1/19/2006

-finnytown | 2/1/2006
Hi, im just learning guitar but i know piano music. I'm stuck with the "sus" thing. In the chord Asus2, what is the "sus"? I don't understand. Thanks
-cola30 | 2/3/2006
great job on the tab. ihave one question i play the 12 string. so if they are playing 2 differnt guitars with the capo's on the 1st and 3rd frets to give it a 12 string sound what tunning do i play it in?
-dozer | 2/11/2006
I'd say if your using a 12string, just play it in the key of Fmajor with standard tuning>? The song is in that key anyways.....or just play it like the tab. All they are doing is playing the song with the capos in 2 diffrent positions to get a doubling effect. If you transpose the song with each capo position it still ends up in the key of Fmajor.

My 2 Cents.......
-atekjunkie | 2/16/2006
sure is some controversy on the way this song is tabbed. for what it's worth, I think it sounds perfect the way its tabbed here. but one Q. How do you play a c#m w/out barring it? help?thanks. great tab
-tjasonbycraft | 2/18/2006
To answer the question about a C#m without using a bar chord, what I play is:


I'm not sure if that's right, but it works.
-tpmadden | 3/24/2009
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