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Dierks Bentley - Settle For A Slowdown (Chord)
Album: Modern Day Drifter (2005)
Submitter: WildCard76 (111) on 5/10/05 10 comments
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 Dierks Bentley   
 Album: Modern Day Drifter   
 2005, Capitol Records   
 Submitted by: Christopher R.   
 1:50 AM 5/10/2005   
 Capo 3rd Fret   
 (Bm)  (D)  (G)  (Bm)  (D)  (G)   
 (Bm) I must (D) look just like a (G) fool   
 (Bm) Here in the (D) middle of the (G) road   
 (D) Standin' (A) there in your rear(G)view   
 Gettin' (Bm) soaked to the bone (D) (G)   
 (Bm) This land is as (D) flat as it is (G) mean   
 (Bm) (A) man can (D) see for hundred (G) miles   
 (D) So I'm still pra(A)yin' I might (G) see   
 The glow of the (Bm) brake light (D) (G)   
   But your (D) wheels just turn    
   Down the (Bm) road ahead   
   If it (G) hurts at all   
   You ain't (A) showed it yet   
   I keep (D) lookin' for   
   The (Bm) slightest sign   
   That (G) you might miss   
   What you (A) left behind   
   I (Em) know there's nothin' (D/F#) stoppin' you (G) now   
   But, I'd settle for a (Bm) slowdown (D) (G)   
 (Bm) I held on (D) longer than I (G) should   
 (Bm) Believin' (D) you might change your (G) mind   
 (D) And those bright (A) lights of Holly(G)wood   
 Would (Bm) fade in time (D) (G)   
 Repeat Chorus   
   But your (D) wheels just turn    
   Down the (Bm) road ahead   
   If it (G) hurts at all   
   You ain't (A) showed it yet   
   You're just a (D) tiny dot   
   On that (Bm) horizon line   
   Come on (G) tap those brakes   
   Baby (A) just one time   
   I (Em) know there's nothing (D/F#) stopping you (G) now   
   I'm not (Em) asking you to (D/F#) turn back ar(G)ound   
   I'd settle for a (Bm) slowdown (D) (G)   
   Come on just (Bm) slowdown (D) (G)   
   I'd settle for a (Bm) slowdown (D) (G)   
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
perfect!!!!!!!! awesome song and his best cd yet!
-denalitwinkie2s | 5/10/2005
Thanks for the rating. I appreciate that.
-WildCard76 | 5/10/2005
dude I like the way that that the chords are shown when I put mu mouse over them. All songs should be that way . thanks

-danielh | 5/10/2005
great job best song on the cd!!!
-urban109 | 5/30/2005
all songs do show the chord when you hover over them.
-scottmcquaig | 7/8/2005
thanks for the nice tab wildcard
-kevinhenneman | 7/19/2005
anyone for the cd, with him and his songwriting buddy playing two guitars. that sounds great, just wondering if anyone new the chords/tabs for both guitars
-texasproud22 | 8/17/2005
first time commenter, great tab. I'm a novice, VERY novice, this sounds really good. What is the strum or pick pattern that you or anybody else uses? I can't seem to find one I like that fits it
-SoonerDustin | 10/2/2005
Great job on this song man i really appreciate it. I'm a huge deirks bently fan and this is one of his best yet. Keep em coming!
-yateez | 2/12/2006
I have a tab/chord for this song with all of the fills that dierks plays on the modern day drifter dvd...but every time i submit it it gets deleted somehow...if anyone wants it, email me and i will email it to you.
-JKirschner75 | 2/18/2006
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