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Dixie Chicks - Long Time Gone (corrected) (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (47) on 8/17/02 6 comments
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Long Time Gone
By The Dixie Chicks
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

D                                                        G  D   A
Daddy sits on the front porch swingin', lookin' out on a vacant field
   A                                                         D
It used to be filled with burly tobacco now he knows it never will
   D                                                         G   D     A
My brother found work in Indiana, my sister's a nurse at the old folks home
Momma's still cookin' too much for supper and me, I've been a long time gone

Chorus 1:
       G    D    A          G            D           A
Been a long time gone, no I ain't hoed a row since I don't know when
A    D    G           A                 D
Long time gone and it ain't comin' back again

D                                                     G  D    A
Delia plays that old church piano, sittin' out on her daddy's farm
She always thought that we'd be together, Lord, I never meant to do her harm
                                                         G   D   A
Said she could heard me singin' in the choir, me I heard another song
I caught wind and hit the road runnin' and Lord, I've been a long time gone

Chorus 2:
       G    D    A             G           D              A      
Been a long time gone, Lord, I ain't had a prayer since I don't know when
A    D    G           A                  D        E B E
Long time gone and it ain't comin' back again

Now me, I went to Nashville, tryin' to be the big deal.
Playin' down on Broadway, gettiní there the hard way
Livin' from a tip jar, sleepin' in my car
D                                      E     A
Hockiní my guitar, yeah I'm gonna be a star

    D                                                                G  D   A
Now me and Delia singin' every Sunday, watchin' the children and the garden grow
We listen to the radio to hear what's cookin' but the music ainít got no soul
Now they sound tired but they don't sound Haggard
                        G     D    A 
They got money but they don't have Cash,
They got Junior but they donít have Hank

I think, I think, I think the rest is a...

G    D    A          G             D            A
Long time gone, no I ain't hit the roof since I don't know when
A    D    G           A            
Long time gone and it ain't comin' back.. 
         G    D    A          G              D            A 
I said a long time gone, no I ainít honked a horn since I donít know when
A    D    G           A                    D 
Long time gone and it ainít cominí back again

I said a long time, long time, long time gone, oh itís been a long time
D                               A
Long time, long time, long time gone
Oh it's been a long time gone
                                A               D
Long time, long time, long time gone. Yeah, yeah.
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Don't like being a know it all but Darrell Scott wrote this song. He and
Tim Obrien recorded it on Real Time. If you want to see how bad
commercial radio acts are in comparison to real artists check out
that cd. If you pick up Darrell's Aloha Nashville you can also hear
the real version of Never Leave Harlan Alive. This really makes
Patty Loveless sound badddd.
-rbarkeroc1 | 1/6/2003
Yes, I knew that...the station I listen to would play his version
pretty often...
-lmofle | 1/6/2003
Last time I checked this was a guitar tab website, not a lyric site.
If you don't think the lyrics are correct them, sing them your own
way, but don't complain about other peoples' attempts at
understanding them, especially when they do such a good job
with the tabs.
-toddgl | 11/27/2003
The comment is made at the top of this thread that "the lyrics came off
of the CD booklet, and they are correct"! I can dig up hundreds of examples where
the Artist sang a different version of the song during recording than what was
submitted for print.

That should be a dependable source, but it is not 100%.

The words are slightly different on the CD "Real Time", but if
the writter decides to sing it different every time he sings
it be it!

.....the tab is center stage here!

Good job Lmofle
-Mr. P | 3/4/2004
I think the same too, the artists sometimes change the words on the spot cause that's what has come to mind. I think you did a great job! Don't listen to peoples negative comments! And for the people that write negative comments,give the person who wrote this a break! No one's PERFECT!!!!!!!!
Emma Roberts
-Sarah Roberts | 1/3/2005
ok darrell scott does it in a different key... anybody know what that is????
-michaelZ | 6/26/2008
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