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Django Walker - Modern Day Bojangles (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (27) on 1/21/03 1 comment
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Modern Day Bojangles
By Django Walker

This song is done with walkdowns from D to G to Em in the verses

Intro chords:
D  D/F#  D/E  D/A  G  G/F#  Em

            D      D/F#    D/E   D/A     G    G/F#   Em
Well he’s a modern day Bojangles and his mind became tangled
        D       D/F#   D/E     D/A     G      G/F#    Em
As he’s talking to the pigeons and the people passing by
        D       D/F#    D/E  D/A  G    G/F#          Em
Now the hookers and the holy men, they both tried to save him
    D    D/F#       D/E       D/A       G          G/F#   Em
But everything they talked of seemed to sound just like a lie
       D      D/F#     D/E       D/A      G        G/F#   Em        
He’s a dancer from the Southland and he’s proud to take a home stand
 D           D/F#    D/E  D/A        G       G/F#     D
Against this big old city that keeps looking over for him

              G                D
Gonna keep on dancing, keep on rolling time away
Bm                         E7     A
Life’s not a waltz; it’s a faster pace
G                     D
Keep on two stepping, through it all and
Bm                            E7       A
How you live your life’s your own damn call

His daddy helped him keep the happiness in his soul
Promised that he’d pass it down when he got too old
Stranger came along one day, took his heart away
Always thought the dancing would bring him back someday


Now he’s sitting on the curbside and his memories tends to fade
The pigeons they all sing his songs and the people just turn away
Now he’s keeping hookers and the holy men at bay
They say, “dance with me Bojangles” and he doesn’t hesitate

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Can we get some chord fingerings for those
-ThatBuckinSong | 9/28/2003
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