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Django Walker - Texas On My Mind (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (333) on 5/22/04 9 comments
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Texas on My Mind
By Django Walker
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Just so there is no confusion - most people know this song
by Pat Green but I have a live mp3 of Django doing it and that 
is where I tabbed it from.

G                           C               G                   
I woke up this morning with Texas on my mind
G               Em                   A             D
Thinkin bout my friends there, and a girl I left behind
G                   Em                  C                G
The way she held me when we kissed, the lovin’ that we’d done
C                  G              D                     G
And how I left her waving goodbye standin’ in the Texas Sun

        C              G
I got a half a mind to call her
C              G
Half a mind to go
C             G
Jump a big jetliner
    D                      G
And wing it on my way back home

All the morning it was rainin on the streets of Liverpool
So I stayed in and played guitar, and sang "The Lovesick Blues"
My mind kept goin back in time to when we both had fun
And how I left her waving to me standin in a Texas sun


Em                 D                  C
In my dreams she's still in love with me
EmC             D              C
But I'd have to travel back to see
D                  	         C                 G
If she's found somebody else to take the place of me
D                                   C          D  D/C  D/B  G
Guess I'll have to keep on dreaming sunny memories     

And wishin I was back there, doesn't help me much at all
When I wanna hold her, no doesn't help me much to call
I’m stuck here in this seaport town just longing for the one
That I left behind me there, standing in a Texas sun


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
It is Djangos song.... I like his version better than pats anyway
-Shawn51616 | 5/24/2004
Pat does do this song and it is on Songs We Wished We had Written with Cory Morrow. Django wrote the song
-papa66 | 1/11/2005
its home sick blues not love sick blues.
The reason that is important is because it has to do with his dads song
"london homesick blues"
-stramblers | 1/12/2005
Sorry but his dad isn't Gary P. Nunn (who
wrote and made famous London Homesick Blues)
-lmofle | 1/13/2005
gary p. nunn is the cowriter of london home sick blues. He and JJW wrote it when gary was still in jerry's band! but lets not split ahirs here.
-stramblers | 2/13/2005
Right on Stramblers!
-westexasailor | 2/25/2005
actually, gary p. nunn is the solo writer of this song. he wrote it before he joined JJW's band. He was actually in Michael Martin Murphy's band at the time. He went to London with MMM and MMM's wife,to visit her family, when he wrote this song.
-gearanddust | 3/8/2005
Actually, Gary P. Nunn and I wrote this song in the latter part of vietnam.

-mikey585601 | 11/21/2005
i talks about liverpool because he went to england to play pro basketball over there and he wrote it and sold it to pat for like a hundred bucks, pat made alot of money, now django is pretty darn sour
-pilagrande3 | 8/30/2010
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